Posted by admin On July - 24 - 2012

I’m proud to say one of the most thrilling developments I’ve seen in recent decades took place here in the state of New Jersey this past week. The New Jersey Supreme Court, which deserves a reputation for being a national leader, has initiated strong protective conditions to prevent innocent individuals from being falsely accused by witnesses of a crime.

For over 30 years, I have stated and demonstrated in my public performances, especially those before universities, that just about the most unreliable evidence in a criminal trial is eye witness testimony. In both dramatic and sometimes humorous scenarios, I have shown how normal, intelligent human beings can be caused to have false or highly distorted memories…the message being that our memories are extraordinarily unreliable.

In recent years, DNA evidence has revealed tragic cases in which individuals were wrongly sentenced to prison, and in at least one case the sentence being 60 years. Not only were they totally innocent of the crime, but witnesses who pointed them out had misremembered or had a distortion of memory recall.

I shudder to think at this very moment how many hundreds or perhaps thousands of people in prison are innocent.

I am proud of the New Jersey Supreme Court for being the first in the nation to release new jury charges on eye witness identifications.

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