In Memory of Emil Piel

Posted by admin On February - 14 - 2017
Yours truly was rewarded with a flood of wonderful memories this past Thursday, February 9th, 2017 when I visited with the family of a special teacher in my life, that being, Emil Piel. With his passing a viewing took place at the Paul Ippolito-Dancy Memorial Home in Caldwell, NJ. It was in Caldwell during my high school days Emil Piel was teaching Psychics and Science at Grover Cleveland High School. He never told us about his remarkable military career and how he had received in WWII the Distinguished Flying Cross while serving in the Marines as a dive bomber pilot. I had many riveting private moments with him after class and there was one occasion when he decided since I had recently learned chess to play a game of chess with me. What was dramatic for us is that neither of us won. It was a draw and he suggested I learn more about the game because he felt I showed potential. One of my special memories was his one day asking me if I could predict what mark he was going to give me. This was a special moment for me as it revealed, even in my early days that he was sharing an interest and an enthusiasm that showed support for my future.
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