blackstone and kreskin

Posted by kreskin On January - 26 - 2012
Built in 1928 as a Vaudeville house… Kreskin was taken down to a lower cellar and shown a picture of the great magician Harry Blackstone, who headlined there in the 1930’s. Kreskin’s father took him to see Blackstone’s full illusion show at age 10 and again at age 12. The irony of seeing this photo at The Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio, is that Kreskin saw Blackstone twice in Newark, New Jersey. When Kreskin turned the wall picture over, he saw on the reverse side a city article about Blackstone receiving an award… a young man was standing next to him, namely Walter B. Gibson, one of the most prolific writers in all history. He was a close friend of Blackstone, had created a tabloid series called The Shadow, which became popular on the radio, was a great authority on magic, and was extraordinarily knowledgeable regarding the field of the paranormal. He collaborated on one of Kreskin’s books. Kreskin spent hundreds of hours with Walter Gibson at his home in New York State. He gave to Kreskin, amongst other things, a true, and to this day largely unwritten profile of Houdini, who he knew intimately….that’s right, the real Houdini, a story that’s never been told.

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