o do with telepathy or my ability to perceive individual’s thoughts. Let’s get down to a basic truth....the President is the head of the military. I’m not questioning General McChrystal’s competency. He’s obviously an outstanding general. There’s a controversy as to whether or not President Obama has taken an unfair position against him. If we study history and look at this scenario objectively, I wonder this…what in the world possessed a general to allow a writer, who may or may not be extremely liberal, from Rolling Stone Magazine to join him and be present during his social or quasi-social activities. It really doesn’t make any sense at all. I predict that in this issue Obama will come forth as a stronger figure. And I use history to support this. We can’t overlook the fact that in our nation today we have no sense of history, and certainly our students in school are given next to no appreciation of historic events, whether they be war or otherwise. The fact that after President Roosevelt passed away and Harry S. Truman, then Vice President, took over Roosevelt’s position, he found it necessary to bring back from overseas General Douglas MacArthur, who made it known, amongst other things, that in fighting communist expansion in Asia, massive U.S. retaliation was the answer. It was clearly against the position of our government at that time. He came back to the United States fired by Harry S. Truman. As a young high school student, I was immediately aware the very morning that the firing hit the news of a massive public condemnation of Harry S. Truman for getting rid of one of our historically truly great military generals. But as the weeks and months went by, the ill feeling against Mr. Truman changed. He made some extraordinary decisions in his time as President and is today considered by many one of the top 5 presidents in history. Somehow in retrospect the public began to admire and understand his position as the head of the military. I predict the same feeling regarding the firing of the general will add a plus to Obama’s position today.
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