Kreskin’s Mind Boggling Event

Posted by admin On October - 27 - 2010
Saturday, October 23, 2010 Kreskin’s kept it secret for years, although the public has been aware of his work and seminars with law enforcement. But on Saturday, Kreskin presented, at the invitation of the GIN (Global Information Network), a seminar in which he trained and conditioned his audience on how to tap in to their inner mind, the level of thinking that we sometimes term the unconscious, or in popular terms the subconscious. The exciting factor is that this was not solely a lecture, but in the 5 ½ hours, Kreskin conditioned his audience on techniques in which they could gain greater insight, make more valued decisions, relax under almost any conditions, and take a new lease on life. Numbering over 300 people, he found it exciting that the audience, who came from all over the United States, and who are part of the gigantic GIN group with Kevin Trudeau at the helm, made for a richly productive event. Now that the word has gotten out, there are invitations from many cities in the United States to present The Kreskin Seminar.
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