Kreskin’s Sudden Blackjack Winning

Posted by kreskin On November - 15 - 2011
Kreskin’s Sudden Blackjack Winning On Sunday night, Kreskin happened into Atlantic City. Having been nearby and having not visited for a long time, Kreskin decided to approach the blackjack tables. While his pictures are in casinos throughout the western U.S. , it would be quite a challenge for him to sit in on a poker game, as he is not allowed, but he is often permitted to play blackjack. The reason is obvious….dealers do not know the cards coming up, no one is thinking of any cards, and consequently the fall of the cards from a shuffle deck are pretty much chance. He entered the pit to sit at a $25 table. Of the money he brought, which was limited, he really only used $350 of his cash to play with. The supervisor overseeing the game was Tom Byrnes at the Golden Nugget. It was one of those exciting nights. Normally late Sunday evenings are extremely quiet, but Kreskin ended up winning $4,500!  
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