The Amazing Kreskin Achieves Official Iconic Pop Culture Status

Posted by admin On September - 26 - 2007
New York, NY –The name “The Amazing Kreskin” has officially achieved iconic pop culture status, reaching a level few famous or infamous names have ever reached in the English language. The moniker of the World’s Foremost Mentalist has been steadily and readily used in the American media over the years to signify one’s ability to foresee an outcome or to possess a highly attuned level of mental sensitivity. The name has become a phrase commonly used in the sports and poker worlds, as well as when discussing the paranormal or supernatural. And when the media looks into the future, they inevitably reference Kreskin as though only he knows what would be coming next. “I see my name in articles and hear it mentioned on TV all the time,” commented Kreskin. “I’m honored that people appreciate my decades of work so much that my name has been rooted in our culture.” Other names that have attained such a defined status include Google and Kleenex, however The Amazing Kreskin is in a class of his own. The concept of The Amazing Kreskin as a bonafide mentalist has reached a point where one does not have to be familiar with Kreskin the person to understand Kreskin the meaning. Make no mistake, Kreskin is still very active five decades into his career. Audiences of every generation and intellect are drawn to this icon to see for themselves the amazing feats he achieves, whether at theaters, state fairs, casinos, night clubs, universities, or corporate and private functions across the nation. In every one of his 300 appearances a year worldwide, the Amazing Kreskin is constantly challenging the impossible with absolutely amazing results. He is, perhaps, best known for his 80+ appearances on The Tonight Show – one of Carson’s favorite guests, or for his annual New Year’s Predictions on CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC.
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