On Sunday October 7th, yours truly attended a remarkable evening at the Pelham Picture House in Pelham, NY.  It was a taping for television, of a presentation titled:  Crossing the Line – Comedy That Goes Over the Edge. The featured star of the evening was Ventriloquist, John Pizzi.  I want to tell you that the next chance you have to attend one of his shows, or see the television show, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.  When I was a kid, radio had as one of its stars Edgar Bergen, whose two characters became lifelike to us listeners.  What is remarkable about the skill of John Pizzi, is his brilliant touch of humor and comedy, often on the edge, that will not only startle you, but fill you with laughter…and that the figures which he removes from various suitcases and holds in his arms become alive almost immediately. You immediately forget they are simply figures.  You know what, there were times that I almost felt I could read the thoughts of his companions.  There are fine technical ventriloquists, but it is a rare gift when the artist, such as John Pizzi brings his figures to life.  His performance is brilliant!

Kreskin with Ventriloquist John PizziKreskin with Radio Personality Joey Reynolds & Long time friend.Kreskin with Mikey Sausage of License To Rant Radio Show.
Kreskin with John Galasso, Thank you for the invitation.


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