Kreskin Celebrates His Mother’s Birthday – December 13

Posted by admin On December - 12 - 2016

My mom,Lucy lived 3 months short of 96 and the later years of her life were wonderfully supported, not only by family and friends but by the kittens and dogs which joined her at home. A memorable figure was Miss Kitty, who could be found during the day and in the evening, sitting on my mom’s shoulder or next to her right or left arm, and that was a tremendous companionship. That’s right, Miss Kitty even sat on my neck! Miss Kitty lived for almost 18 years. The sadness of her passing was shared by a legendary comedic, show business performer who called me almost in tears when she learned of Miss Kitty’s demise.

It was Phyllis Diller and what made the loss all the more personal, is that Phyllis’ own favorite cat carried the name,

Miss Kitty.



kreskins-mom-w-miss-kittykreskins-mom-w-miss-kitty-2                kreskin-w-miss-kitty

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