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Colin Adamson, UK Hypnotist, Convinces Two College Freshman They'd Been Groped By Audience Member

By Ryan Grenoble Posted: 10/08/2012 2:30 pm As I analyze this, it almost seems like a scene out of Saturday Night Live, except for this character’s total lack of taste. Fortunately, he doesn’t call himself “The All Powerful” hypnotist, but he might instead use as the prefix “stupid.” He decided to suggest in a University of Kent performance the subjects would think someone in the audience had “touched them up.” The excuse was that it was done for humor, and that’s understandable. Even in the United States, there are various levels of humor, including performers who use four letter words and disgusting sexual commentaries. This half-baked British hypnotist on his website promises “entertaining Psychological Illusions and Tricks of the Mind.” He gave two of the women involved in the stunt a field day since they were made to believe they’d been molested by a man in the crowd. As a result, they awoke “shocked and horrified.” Does anyone in their right mind believe that they believed this? Come on, this was a great showcase for them to put on their own theatrics, and that’s what it was. If one understood the nature of hypnotic phenomena and realized that these girls were wide awake and totally conscious during the entire performance, it would start to shade what caused them to “both be in shock.” It’s a good thing that this hypnotist was not performing in the USA at this time. There’s no doubt that he would have suggested to a group on stage that some politician running for office had “touched them up.” While it would have gotten a laugh, there may have been some in a state of shock, but on the other side of the coin I wonder if it would not have increased votes for that politician.
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