Terre Haute Benefit First Step In Nationwide Initiative To Refocus On Unsolved Adult Missing Persons Cases Terre Haute, IN The World’s Foremost Mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin, is proud to announce a breakthrough in the case of Scott Javins, a Terre Haute, IN native who has been missing for five years. The publicity generated by Kreskin in Terre Haute on May 14th resulted in a Person Of Interest coming forward with potentially important information regarding the case. The information has since been forwarded to Dean Dobbins, the Prosecutor in Hancock County, Indiana, who is insuring its proper dissemination to the Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office, as well as other authorities investigating the case. This new information is believed to be the first in the case in almost five years, rekindling hope and proving Kreskin’s belief that by offering his intuition and thought reading skills to law enforcement, he may be able to help them, along with the families of missing persons, break through dead-ends and bring closure to their lives. A benefit for Scott Javins in Terre Haute was merely the first step in a nationwide initiative created by Kreskin to help raise awareness for specific cases where progress has been stifled and hope seems lost. In addition to his ICOPS (Intuitive Cops Observational Preparedness Seminars) program, where he teaches law enforcement and security officers how to increase their “intuitive” skills to better cope with their day-to-day on-the-job situations, Kreskin aims to refocus law enforcement officials and civilians alike on the epidemic of unsolved adult missing persons cases that plague the country. “This is a great opportunity for me to work with law enforcement in their continuing support and never-ending concern for missing persons and their families,” stated Kreskin. Additional information about Scott Javins and other missing persons is available at: www.inhopeindianamissing.com. Anyone interested in discussing a missing person’s case with Kreskin should contact his publicist, Colin Wells, at Rubenstein Public Relations for information and details. Law enforcement agencies interested in discussing unsolved missing persons cases are encouraged to contact John Kleiman: Jkleiman1@aol.com. More information about adult missing persons and Kreskin’s ICOPS initiative is available on the internet website: www.ICOPS.net.
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