Kreskin on Christine Ford and Hypnosis

Posted by admin On October - 3 - 2018

The attention that has grown in intensity in recent days suggesting that hypnosis is a major factor in the Christine Ford accusations, hit home with me.  I’m about to administer a double blow to the serious possibilities of hypnosis jumping in bed with the Ford drama.  Because of my background in hypnosis and because of one of the most dramatic events in my career, namely in 1986 my being tried by a jury with the issue being hypnosis.  I have since had an important position to take regarding hypnosis, especially having won a NJ court challenge, in which the hypnotist who sued me and was supported by a psychiatrist sought to prove that hypnosis exists, and I had offered $50,000 for proof of a hypnotic trance or state.  I won the court challenge.


There is no hypnotic trance.  Today if I am wrong, I offer $100,000 and in over 60 years, no hypnotist has dared to challenge me.  It is pure suggestion, but this is the powerful message that our media, are behaviorists and psychologists had better wake up to.  Let’s not the terrorists teach us this.  Namely we are suggestible under many conditions, whether it’s when we are watching a horror movie, like Hitchcock’s Psycho, being inspired by a powerful speaker, being moved by a set of ideas that are being administered with much in the background or when our imagination is powerfully stimulated.


It is very possible, that Ford during therapeutic sessions was asked certain questions that may have suggested molestation.  Ford was reported in the past to be involved in group hypnosis, exercises and experiences to help the beginning and end of meetings, and increase the effectiveness as well as exploring life theme’s and events.  This is a perfect setting for what could be the beginning of a contagious extension of propaganda, stimulated by the power of group interaction and reinforced by the autosuggestion of the person who is responding.  This setting of suggestibility could have opened a Pandora’s Box to self-deception, missed memories and the recall of major incidents in the past that never happened. 


As I have stated for decades, the power of suggestion when masked as hypnosis can create a massive array of confusion, false memories, and “psychobabble

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