Kreskin reviews the play ‘Einstein’

Posted by admin On August - 17 - 2016

Review: Einstein the Play:


Jack Fry & Kreskin

Yours truly just saw the play production Einstein which has been picked as one of the top 10 shows of this year’s NY Fringe Festival. Basically this is a one man show in which actor Jack Fry plays multiple characters, and he also has written the play. I found this to be a masterpiece. You’re going to be entranced by Jack Fry’s brilliant personification of Einstein. This presentation mainly takes place in his earlier life. You find yourself learning about a young man with inner struggles, including that of a marriage for which he is seeking divorce, but in spite of all this, he is brimming over with a scientific revelation that he is struggling to gain acceptance for. Of course the world knows him as the genius who came up with the Theory of General Relativity, and his impact on technology, which has changed the way we live today.
Fry researched an immense amount of information about Einstein which has only been available in recent years. I don’t believe any actor alive today could do a more brilliant rendition of the personality and thinking of Einstein then we find in the presentation of Jack Fry.

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