Kreskin Reviews Tom Hanks’ New Book, “Uncommon Type”

Posted by admin On November - 8 - 2017
Yours truly has read a few thousand books through the years doubling the size of my library, which houses 8,000 books.  Having authored 20 books so far, I continue to find the writings of various authors most intriguing.  I was unaware of Tom Hanks writing background and can’t tell you how much I eagerly looked to reading Uncommon Type.  Hanks is a true author.  The volume contains almost 2 dozen stories, some short, some longer, and they embrace a wide spectrum of our culture and social life.  Talk about an ingenious, creative mind.  He has managed to encompass the type writer as a vehicle for some of his stories.  Can you imagine there are four friends that find their way into four separate stories, and in one of them they’re building, in their backyard, a rocket, aiming for outer space to orbit the moon?  I got a kick out of another story dealing with of all things, bowling.  Then we have one of Christmas Eve in which one of the characters reflects poignantly on another Christmas during a World War.  Tom Hanks shows great heart and reveals something I’ve sensed about him from day one.  He has the gift of empathy in that he “feels” the experiences and thoughts of others, and it is graphically clear in his writings.  His characters have heart and some of them have real humor.  Yes we now have revealed another dimension of this fine actor, that of being an accomplished author.  I predict you’ll get a real joy out of reading Uncommon Type. ESPecially, The Amazing Kreskin
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