October 1 – The Pulaski Day Music Festival in Central Park was the biggest Polish concert ever organized in New York City. This historic event took place right after the 80th Annual Pulaski Day Parade at the prestigious Summer Stage in Central Park‘s East Side. The four-hour event featured some of the biggest names in Polish show business.  The event was hosted by WABC’s Rita Cosby. actor Andrzej Młynarczyk. The Amazing Kreskin was honored to be a Special Guest because of his Polish heritage.

Polish Senator and Secretary of State Anna M. Anders, Kreskin, Host Of Pulaski Day and WABC’s Rita Cosby and Award-Winning Recording Artist Tomaczek Bednarek

Kreskin with TVP (Top Polish News Channel) Reporter Zuzanna Faltzmann

Kreskin with Polish Opera Singer and Actress Katarzyna Joanna Sperczynska

Kreskin Catching Up With Polish Secretary Of State Anna M. Anders

Kreskin with Miss Poland 2017 Angelika Rakwala and Parade Marshall Rafal Smola

Kreskin compliments his dear friend on his moving renditions of “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America”

Kreskin Talks International Trade With Sabina Kilmek, Consulate General Of Poland

Top Polish Reporter Zuzanna Faltzmann Interviews Kreskin On The News Of The Day and His Long Illustrious Career

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