See dates and times below for when Kreskin’s appearance is coming to your network!

Series air times in the East & West coast (as of 2017 Spectrum took over Time Warner cable)

1-Staten Island / CTV-Thursdays11pm ch 35 on Fios Verison & Spectrum 11pm ch 79 ( Formally Time Warner Cable)
2-Brooklyn / B Cat-Fridays 12am ch44 Fios Verizon, ch 56 Spectrum , ch 69 Cablevison
3-Manhatten / MNN-Tuesdays 12:30am Verizon Fios ch 36, ch 67 Spectrum, RCN ch 85
4-Queens / QPTV-Saturdays 1:30pm-ch 34, Wensday 7pm-ch 79
Check your Queens cable tv guide.
5-Bronx / Bronxnet- Airs random times (waiting on set series)
Check your Bronx cable tv guide.

Los Angeles, California
LA36 Wednesday’s & Friday’s 12am ch 36

Subscribe to his 3 Youtube channels for full segments from all his past guests. Search Late Night With Johnny P.

To watch full episodes of the show, go to

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