Kreskin to the Rescue

Posted by admin On July - 14 - 2010
Len Berman - Emmy Award winning sportscaster and New York Times Bestselling Author Posted: July 6, 2010 - The Huffington Post Top 5 Sports Stories 5. Mental Case It's Kreskin to the rescue. The 75-year mentalist wants to help the Pittsburgh Pirates. Why not? The organization is in the throes of a 17-year losing streak. They even fired, and then brought back, one of their racing pierogis because he wrote some negative things about the team on Facebook. Kreskin's first move would be to send the manager and general manager on a two year vacation to Tibet. Kreskin would then use the power of suggestion to get the players to perform better. Kreskin offered his services to the Mets in 2007, but they turned him down. The Mets then famously collapsed in September. I'm thinking the Pirates should take this guy seriously.want to keep it as September 4, it is fine with me.
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