Kreskin vs. Seatbelt Law Debated in New Jersey

Posted by admin On September - 26 - 2012
Once again, I am beset with what looks like a travesty, but a further example of the “quality and class” of the New Jersey State Legislature. Namely, their proposal which would it make illegal to drive with unrestrained animals. I have done a number of commercials for animal rights and have bonded with many people who have passion for our pets, so I approach the idiocy and imbecilic nature of this proposed piece of legislature. My late parents had the joy of traveling in their car with our pet dog. My father rarely drove his car without the dog sitting next to him. I suspect that this has been the case for almost one century. I also wonder that there is no state in the United States, to the best of my knowledge, that has cast such a restrictive law. For a NJ Assemblywoman by the name of Grace Spencer to introduce this leaves me with the question…..Is this the best that she and the legislature can offer? With all the disaster that our state is in, this is the best that she has to offer! I’m trying to picture putting my four cats in seatbelt-like harnesses. Having done over 2,000 university shows in this country, I’ve explained to students that they need to understand what are lurking behind laws that are introduced. I’m not suggesting anything illegal, but I am suggesting possible corruption and second-rate special interest influences. Wouldn’t it be significant if our pet supply stores are already preparing to sell animal seatbelts? Not that they have any vested interest in that law. Perish the thought!

I have no malice against our New Jersey legislature, being a proud member of the state. I do feel that 90 percent of them should be fired. It would save money, and we don’t need that many to accomplish what’s worthwhile in this or any other state.

I would like to hold a press conference and I’m extending a special offer :

I propose to read the thoughts of Assemblywoman Grace Spencer,

without her saying anything until I’m finished, and will mention every serious,

important, urgent, and meaningful issue that’s on her mind as Assemblywoman.

"I believe I can do this in 30 seconds."

-The Amazing Kreskin

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