Kreskin’s Book Review of The Soul of Genius

Posted by admin On October - 7 - 2021

When I read a book, as I am a avid reader, and I come across one that I feel would benefit a potential reader, I share my thoughts on that book. 

The Soul of Genius is one of the most unusual books that yours truly has read in a long time.  It is a combination of a historical study of the great genius and fantastic contributions made by Madame Curie, and Albert Einstein, as well as some of their associates, and at the same time, it is coupled with a rather riveting biography of their lives.  When I say riveting, I mean such.  I have gone through much of the book twice as it really flies by as far as anecdotal stories that could be part of a general biography along with the remarkable achievements that Einstein and Madame Curie made in their careers, yet the drama of Madame Curie’s husband’s death in an accident involving a horse drawn wagon, as witnesses see his head crushed, this is an example of how dramatically vivid many of the scenes are that are recounted in their lives.  The revelations that Orens captures are brought to life even though they are from another time in history.  One even learns of a scandal that Madame Curie went through, sleeping with a person that was not to be part of her life and how the press, at that time, I’m saying not now folks, but at that time, made it an international scandal, but somehow her contributions, dedication, zealousness, and fantastic curiosity enabled her to uncover some of the most important findings that are considered today major scientific accomplishments.  One realizes the right of even geniuses with their incredible gifts, they cannot avoid the drama and the intrigue that happens in private life between lovers or husbands and wives, you name it.  Certainly, some of the scenes captured in this book, especially gatherings of prominent scientists are amongst the most important in the history of science and we’re getting to understand the thinking and the mentality of those who played significant roles in this vast historical drama.  Somehow despite the tangled romantic lives of both scientists, we see almost miraculously the development of areas of science that today are considered some of the most important discovered in history.  Truthfully this is a book that will not only interest you, but one you will experience because you will feel your gaining insight into the minds and the behavior of its major characters.

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