The scenario that’s taken place in recent days is a warning sign that the American public and those behind the scenes need to be aware of and prepared for. Whoever the pinheads, kooks, and in essence life losers are, they are giving us a warning that such tactics can be employed by terrorists. Let’s wake up to the fact that terrorism is not simply the use of a bomb or a chemical device or massive weapons. Terrorism comes as well in the form of psychological warfare, and today psychological warfare is taking much higher sophistication than has ever been found in history. The first available classic study illustrating the power of the spoken word is Orson Welles’ radio show War of the Worlds. I need to warn you that by modifying his techniques, a scenario of tragic stress costing millions of dollars could be created. It would take only a handful of ruthless individuals to prepare in a concerted way to report a suspicious or alarming scenario, such activity taking place in an area of a major city late at night covering a few blocks. The result would be massive amounts of police or investigators appearing on the scene. More insidious and perhaps more effective would be a small group separately calling from different parts of a city, blocks apart in their location, claiming that suspicious individuals have placed strange looking packages or devices under stairs or in hallways of office buildings. They are not only alarmed at the break-ins but the packages these people are leaving. This could result in large security and perhaps military people coming to an area because of a potential explosion. The explosion would be panic, fear, and uncertainty. The bottom line is by using more than one person, including even an apparently hysterical child calling on what they see taking place, it would be impossible to prevent a major outpouring of activity to counteract what would seem to be imminent danger. Whatever the scenario, sets of 4 people in 25 major cities, that is 100 people, could do a repeat of a yacht explosion/War of the Worlds and create a tone of generalized panic in the United States because the contagiousness of similarly repeated and reported phenomena would spread as a mass hysteria throughout the country, which is vulnerable and susceptible to instant communication.
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