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Wake Up Callz

Wake Up Callz

The Amazing Kreskin stars as Doctor Dream, an alien secret agent posing as a psychiatrist who helps Kristaya Turner cross timelines to save the Earth from Total Takeover by the evil Neural Nebula Network. Kreskin renders a gang of thugs completely unconscious and hypnotizes the entire planet! For more info, please visit the official movie website – – Wake-Up Callz – Have You Seen It?

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The Best Moments of The Amazing Kreskin DVD

bestmoments.jpgIt is with great excitement that I announce the release of my latest DVD, THE BEST MOMENTS OF THE AMAZING KRESKIN which contains approximately 8 ½ hours of my original television series The Amazing Kreskin. The team, in putting this together, did so with tremendous care. I, personally, have always been of the almost six years of the series since it reflected a period of television which added to my professional integrity. None of the shows were scripted. The participants in every single case were legitimate, and in no way, shape or form, stooges or confederates. For that reason, never was anyone given a nondisclosure legal form to sign. To the contrary, the scores if people who participated through the years were legitimate, whether they were taken off the streets, or part of my studio audience.

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Mental Power is Real

mentalpower.jpgMental Power is Real is really the fulfillment of a dream, for at long last I am revealing to you in greater detail, many of the thoughts I have reflected upon with audiences around the world. Of course, my work as a Mentalist is based on the great truth that the mind and spirit are powerful forces. In Mental Power is Real, I am sharing with you how you can harness your life and make it an even greater, exciting and rewarding experience. But, what makes this very special is this is the focal point as a product combination that you will be seeing in a commercial within the next month. To Purchase Mental Power please send a check for $30.oo to Kreskin Inc. PO BOX 1383, West Caldwell, NJ 07007.

In a sense, I will be sharing with you the KEYS TO YOUR KINGDOM.

The Amazing Kreskin’s New DVD

mentalmarvel.jpgFrom the legendary Friar’s Club in New York City, The Amazing Kreskin shows you how to fake many of the astounding effects he has spent decades perfecting for his television and stage appearances. Learn how to make a table levitate…how to mysteriously prevent a grown man from getting out of a chair. Kreskin reveals the secret…

This is the perfect DVD for anyone who has ever wondered:
“how does he do it?”

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