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What’s on My Mind

My Dear Reader:
As you may know, I’m almost constantly on the road, between public concerts, private programs, television, radio, etc., and I am aware by the very nature of my tuning in on audiences’ thoughts, what’s on your mind. I’ve decided to share with you my reflections from time to time on issues, concerns, and curiosities often asked of me about so many things that confront us from day to day. So you know, this is “What’s on My Mind”.

Regarding Hypnotist on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC :

I’ve been called by a number of people regarding an appearance of hypnotist Mark Sweet on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the evening of June 26.

Yours truly has done 4 appearances with Jimmy Fallon, I want you to know this man is at the top of the game. He is a genuinely empathetic personality and I predict he will become one of the legendary figures of late night TV, and that is a challenge today, more so than ever before, because there are so many shows coming out of the rafters, what with all the cable stations. You should know that it is a joy working with Jimmy Fallon and also know that he is carrying on the show a safe with a Prediction I made last July regarding what I believe will be the results of the November Presidential election. Three other locked copies are in the hands of other celebrities who will join me on Jimmy’s show a couple of days after the election, when they will all confirm what Jimmy has in that safe, and none of them have any access to the locked information.

Now let’s get to this hypnosis issue which I’m being asked about all over the place. Part of the reason is that it’s pretty well known in scientific circles all over the world that for many years I’ve held a position that there is no such thing as a hypnotic state, there is no trance, and there is no special sleep-like or hypnosis-like condition in which a person loses all critical thinking. People apparently in a trace are totally wide awake but often legitimately responding uncontrollably to the power of suggestion. They may imagine they are in a trance, but listen to me…..they are as wide awake as you and I are right now!

I’ve done dramatic demonstrations using the power of suggestion, even using Jimmy Fallon as a subject, as well as Johnny Carson himself. It has been estimated that the number of subjects who have volunteered on stage in over 60 years of my career is probably over 1 million people.

Now to the Jimmy Fallon Show: If you get a chance, look at the tape of the 2 segments that are on the internet. I can tell you now, I have a very, very strong suspicion that the demonstration the hypnotist presented will be shown and studied and critically commented upon in psychology classes for many years to come. As viewers all over the place have noticed and even mentioned on the internet, the very embarrassing moment for the hypnotist took place when his segment came on camera and there were 3 subjects slumped against each other, as if they were in a hypnotic trance.

The giveaway of the charade was after the hypnotist “awoke” one of the subjects, a girl sitting to the left of the row. He then instantly projected her back into “hypnosis”, rolling her head, and letting her slump against one of the other two subjects. Now she was apparently back in deep hypnosis, she had lost control of her limbs and was completely immobilized….. EXCEPT….. and it was a terribly fleeting moment that everybody saw……while the hypnotist was talking to Jimmy Fallon and then talking to the other two subjects, you will see the first subject reached up and brushed the hair away from her eyes, then put her arm down and pretended to slump deeper….a clear-cut clue that she was in no more of a special state or that she was even responding uncontrollably to hypnotic suggestion. All that was bunk! She was clearly role playing. Or let’s be more honest about it….she was play acting. Unfortunately, it killed the credibility of the demonstration, as emails upon emails and feedback all over the place have suggested to me.

I have not met or spoken to a single, solitary person who saw the “hypnosis” demonstration that believed for one moment that she was hypnotized. It may be that the only one who was “hypnotized” was the hypnotist, who had convinced himself she was in something!

Jimmy Fallon needs to be thanked for inadvertently presenting an important moment that will be referred to in psychology and behavioral classes showing the charade that surrounds much of the phenomena of hypnosis.


Sports High School Basketball

Beal opens with win in foul-filled match


By STEVE GREEN, The London Free Press

Last Updated: March 6, 2012 8:26am

Coaches always like a fairly competitive match to start off any OFSAA basketball tournament. For Tony Marcotullio’s Beal Raiders, though, Monday’s opener at the boys’ AAAA championship in Ottawa was anything but comfortable.

The kids knew they were missing a lot of shots; we just had to be a little more mentally and physically tough to win the game.

“See? I’m like the Amazing Kreskin…” Marcotullio joked.

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