Las Vegas..The Untold Story.

Posted by admin On January - 29 - 2014

John Romero who is a very prominent authority in the gaming industry has written a book that is available on the internet called 

Las Vegas..The Untold Story. 

   In a chapter devoted to Kreskin he states…

“Kreskin is the most dangerous man in the world with a deck of cards. The casinos would rather deal to Willie Sutton.”

 Romero has just posted on his web page the following commentary…
  January 18th 2014 I know a lot of show biz guys who are imposing in person, majestic  when they sign a contract and magnitudinous  when they win Emmy—but only one of these people send me Admiral Fitzroys’s Storm Glass for Christmas. Now think a minute, who else would send me the best Storm Glass made? Who else would help me if my yacht got lost in the Sea of Japan, about two feet from North Korea? Here’s a clue. This man can shuffle a deck of cards in less than a minute, then pluck out your card in an instant. Think you know now? If you yelled “It’s the Amazing Kreskin,” you’re a hundred percent correct. Kreskin has been part of my life for more than 45 years—including the day in my office at the Sahara Las Vegas when my wife Robin strolled in about as pregnant as you can get. Kreskin immediately leaped up. “what are you going to call the boy, he asked?” “He knows,” said my wife. Sure enough. Four months later, a boy. I could continue with stories about his extraordinary man, revered by all who know him. But time and space run out. We cherish you sir.  John Romero

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