Lottery… “The Curse of Winning”

Posted by admin On October - 1 - 2012
Once again we have evidence of a seeming curse that hangs over those who win massive lottery amounts, and our civilized government has to consider how this bonanza gambling “winnings” can be altered so that people are not put in the tremendous danger that has long been documented. There has been a great mortality rate in happiness, lifestyle, and monies as well that has affected those who have been cursed at winning the lottery. Aside from the trained individuals who become predators and have skills in “befriending” the winners, there are other dangers that threaten people who instantly win large amounts of money. This is especially true for those who have not gone through the slow acquiring and earning of money over a long period of time, along with investing and learning to guard it. The hundreds of sports figures who have gone bankrupt in spite of the staggering high salaries they had been receiving is proof of the danger there is when money out of nowhere is dropped in someone’s lap.

The recent death of Amanda Clayton, who was criticized for using food stamps after she won almost a million dollars, her death being a possible overdose, was explained by friends that when she accrued all this money, she did not know how to handle her life.

More states need to sign laws similar to Governor Snyder of Michigan requiring lottery officials to tell “Human Services” about new winners.
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