Mika Brzezinski – MSNBC News Anchor Woman

Posted by admin On July - 29 - 2007
“One of the wonderful moments in news last week is the “refusal” of Mika Brzezinski to read as a lead story, a piece about Paris Hilton. What I got a kick out of was, her attempting to burn the news release and then finally, her wise choice of just shredding it on camera and insisting on going onto a more meaningful story such as Iraq, etc. The late Johnny Carson and Steve Allen would have relished this moment and referred to it on their Tonight’ shows the very day this happened. But let’s give her credit for while I still hold with a prediction I made about Paris Hilton, her reaction is a genuinely responsible one for any news person has to realize that the tabloid degree that our television, radio and newspaper reporting has dropped into; has lowered the level and quality of news in the United States. The question is: could it deteriorate even further? And my answer is very simple – yes it could, it will and it will be much, much less lower in quality. I still abide by a prediction that I made a few years ago, and I still stand by it, namely that Paris Hilton will not win an academy award in the next 72 years!” Kreskin
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