Moodtopia is a book that is remarkably appropriate at this present time, especially since medicine has been infected by the drug movement and racket, and that includes doctors and other general medical practitioners.

I found this book quite refreshing and re-awakened in me my radio listening decades ago to a broadcaster whom I came to know personally, and that was the great radio nutrition communicator Dr. Carlton Fredericks, who pioneered on awakening the public to the effectiveness of vitamins much to the condemnation of many in the medical fraternity.

Yours truly when at home will read four books in an evening and as far as my own writing is concerned, I am completing for release soon, my 21stbook.  When I think of my personal library of some 8,000 volumes, I can say that Moodtopia is especially appropriate and a highly needed text today.  With all the shelfed volumes that I have, Moodtopia has to stand out in a spotlight, in that the author is sharing solutions and directions which do not have the danger of addiction.  Talk about sources whose outlooks she tapped, it even includes my late friend Phyllis Diller.

Readers will find when they reflect on the author’s anecdotal experiences, that many will touch their lives personally.  Furthermore she offers as the solution everything from nutrition, to the aroma, and that includes perfumes, to room settings, to how effectively color can alter our mood, and yes, to the brilliant and I do mean brilliant introduction, examination and advice regarding our intuition.  She deserves a gold star in introducing and highlighting the importance of intuition in our lives.  Many will consider this an absolute revelation and it is one of the finest texts I’ve ever read on this area of development.  She is ready to help you, the reader find inner peace of mind, and that means experiencing inner joy, and love with genuine compassion.


The Amazing Kreskin

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