Welcome Back…Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

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Thank You for celebrating with my 80th

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Thank You  for celebrating with my 80th In the past two of days I have had a chance to stop and reflect on the tremendous outpouring of special birthday wishes that I received from so many of  my friends and family. It was quite moving to hear from so many familiar faces, both past and present. Thank... (more...)

Another great article by Buck Wolf. Huff Post.

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Thanks for another great article Buck…   Kreskin with Buck Wolf and the crew. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/21/the-amazing-kreskin_n_6512004.html?utm_hp_ref=weird-news  Read More →

Read all about Kreskin’s ‘amazing’ yet intriguing announcement in this NY Daily News link: http://m.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/julianne-moore-won-alice-role-writer-mind-article-1.2081860#bmb=1 The NY Daily News  Read More →

Kreskin on Today Power Your Life.    Read More →

Listen to the live podcast from Kreskin’s birthday party last week at City Crab in NYC. Buck Wolf, as always, does a fantastic job getting inside the mind of Kreskin. Kreskin with Buck Wolf and the crew.  Read More →

Legend Barry Farber Inducted Into Radio Hall

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Congrats Barry! You deserve it! I look forward to celebrating at your party next Tuesday.    Read More →

Check out My9 Chasing Facebook Photo Page.

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See if you recognize anybody… https://www.facebook.com/ChasingNews/photos_stream Kreskin and his crew.  Read More →


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As most of you know my 80th birthday was yesterday, 01/12/2015. We threw a wonderful party at City Crab in NYC which was one of the best experiences of my 80 years. So many family and friends came from very long distances to celebrate with me, I’m very grateful. The food was fantastic and the room... (more...)

Watch Kreskin on the Alan Colmes Show

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The Alan Colmes Show January 5, 2015 6-9pm The most interactive talk radio program on the planet. Alan welcomes “any and all opinion, any and all the time.” Kreskin on the Alan Colmes Show How The Amazing Kreskin Amazes! Alan asks mentalist and author The Amazing Kreskin how he makes... (more...)