In Memory of David Frost  Everyone who worked with David Frost found his image stamped on one’s memory forever. The passing  of this British television journalist just a few days ago brings to memory the times that I appeared on his television show years ago when it was recorded in NYC. He was... (more...)

A Bullet proof shield and protection for children in the classroom….What about equally as important, a mental shield to protect children from unnecessary fear? I have spent my life reading the thoughts of audiences of all ages from adult groups to universities to high schools. In the past 10 days I... (more...)

Strange And Exciting New John Romero Book

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  July 29, 2013      Review of John Romero Book – The Eisenhower Enigma   John,               I just read your new novel The Eisenhower Enigma and I wanted to get to my commentary as soon as possible so I could share the enthusiasm I have for your book. I really mean what I say... (more...)

Kreskin’s Heart is in Australia

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    August 21, 2013 The Honorable Kevin Rudd Prime Minister of Australia PO Box 476 Morningside, QLD  4170   Dear Prime Minister Rudd,                 Please understand as a US citizen that my heart goes out to the family of Christopher Lane of Melbourne and everyone of your... (more...)

Sean “The Pen” Garrett – Award Winning Songwriter / Music Producer with Kreskin Hitmaker Sean Garrett’s work runs the gamut of performers from Usher to Janet Jackson and Jay-Z to Beyonce This... (more...)

Cat Euthanized By Mistake

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July 31, 2013 Vet Euthanizes Family Cat By Kreskin… READ MY THOUGHTS!!!  Is this a malpractice issue? Having championed animal rights for decades and having at this time 3 cats, one of whom bears a resemblance to Shimmy the cat that was brought to a veterinarian’s office in Sand Lake MI and was... (more...)

Soup To Nutz

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The Comic Side of Kreskin…  Read More →

  I know Steve Woods extremely well..     Certainly I should since he worked for me some years ago as my Road Manager and toured with me. He is a remarkable man and I can understand his great success in his home state of Maine.  If I were teaching US Government I would invite my students to study... (more...)

The Amazing Kreskin and Buck Wolf (Senior Editor of the Huffington and Weird News Guide at Enjoying Lunch with Steve Olsen Who on Monday, July 22nd 2013 Will Celebrate 35 Years as Owner of The West Bank Café West 42nd St.and 9th Ave, NYC             Theatre Row... (more...)

Kreskin Plans The Return Of The Shadow

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  In the days when radio was king one of the top mysteries shows was The Shadow.  Orson Wells was the first major star to play The Shadow. The Shadow had a strange gift that enabled him to fight criminals of all kinds by making himself invisible. In essence he had learned the power to “cloud... (more...)