Tony Robbin’s Firewalking disaster

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Fire walking has existed for thousands of years, going back to 1200 BC.  In some cases it has been a rite of healing, initiation or faith.  In modern physics, understand that the short amount of time a bare foot is in contact with the ground is usually not enough to create a burn as embers are not... (more...)

Celebrated Author Michael McCarty, who has been a Bram Stoker (Dracula) Award Finalist 5 times, has just released two of his volumes now combined: Liquid Diet & Midnight Snack. Wait till you learn Kreskin’s involvement in fighting Vampires. Book available at: Read More →

Top 10 Magician Movies-

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Kreskin made number 4 on the top ten list according to the Daily Advance  06/25/2016 "Rhoades Review: Top ten films about magicians" 4. "The Great Buck Howard" (2008) -- Buck's more a mentalist than magician, but we still loved this story of a young man (Colin Hanks) who becomes apprentice... (more...)

Daily Mail Interview Over 30,00 Views

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Great News!!! Kreskin & Sarah Pusateri from the Daily Mail Daily Mail interview hits 30,000 views! Read More →


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We Want To Thank All Of  You Hollywood Folk For Alerting Us That The New Martin Scorsese Movie Starring Leonardo DiCaprio... The Wolf of Wall Street Debuts Christmas Day, December 25 2013 Due to his abilities to project into the future, Kreskin is mentioned in a dramatic key scene. FAST FORWARD... (more...)

Kreskin Commentary on Now You See Me 2

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Since he’s received a number of inquiries about  Now You See Me 2  The motion picture sequel that opened nationally today, Kreskin has been asked how effectively he feels they Portrayed the performing Hypnotist in this sequel.  Kreskin would be delighted to offer a commentary. Read More →

Kreskin on WGN-AM (Radio) – Chicago, IL

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  Joe Sibilia Host of The Joe Sibilia Radio Experience on WXLV Radio Wednesday, June 8th at 11 a.m. EST on WXLV.  Read More →

The Wiseguyz Show

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THE WISEGUYZ SHOW Freddy Tenore aka "Freddy the Fireman" Johnny SalamiBubblegum Gangster: Billy "Gagootz" Langella Ray Campisi aka "Ray the cater" and "Goombah" Kreskin WiseGuyz 'n Galz Annette DeCeglie, The Amazing Kreskin & Debra Toscano (Actress/Singer) Either Billy "Gagootz" is getting... (more...)

“Murrow” The Play

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Kreskin, Joe Menino (plays Edward R. Murrow), Joseph Vitale (wrote the script & play), and Casey Murrow (the son of the late Edward R. Murrow) Yours truly had the remarkable experience of attending a brilliant, one man program, on the life of possibly the greatest, radio & television... (more...)