Herald Square Hyatt Grand Opening

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Grand Opening on Wednesday night! Myself with Rain Dove from Oxygen at the HYATT Herald Square New York Grand Opening on Wednesday Night! Kreskin & Aviva Drescher (Real Housewives of New York) Rain Dove (Runway Model) & Kreskin  AichG Check out Rain Dove & The... (more...)

Club Kosher & Kreskin

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 I PREDICT AN      AMAZING PASSOVER           IN YOUR FUTURE… …as long as you’re coming to Club Kosher at the Caribe Hilton To Join The Club Just Click Here;  www.clubkosher.com/main.html  Read More →

WMTR Ask The Expert…Kreskin!

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 Ask Jesse Freese Host of “Ask the Expert – The Show Designed to Keep you Informed” on 1250 am WMTR  And she will tell you the following regarding The Amazing Kreskin. DOWNLOAD THIS LINK TO LISTEN Julie Briggs, Kreskin & Jesse Freese  Read More →

Amazing Kreskin calls off-Broadway One-man performance of Churchill as “Shock-therapy”.  CALLS IT “AN INSTANT REMINDER OF OUR CURRENT NEED FOR SUCH A GREAT LEADER”.  If ever there was a blatant reminder of the ability of one man’s contribution in winning world war II is there for all... (more...)

The Amazing Kreskin Meets CHURCHILL Off-Broadway

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Photo Flash: The Amazing Kreskin Meets CHURCHILL Off-Broadway February 10 4:27 PM 2015 by BWW News Desk CHURCHILL, a new play adapted and performed by Ronald Keaton, is receiving its Off-Broadway premiere following an acclaimed 2014 sold-out world premiere engagement in Chicago. Opening Night is set... (more...)

Welcome Back…Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

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Thank You for celebrating with my 80th

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Thank You  for celebrating with my 80th In the past two of days I have had a chance to stop and reflect on the tremendous outpouring of special birthday wishes that I received from so many of  my friends and family. It was quite moving to hear from so many familiar faces, both past and present. Thank... (more...)

Another great article by Buck Wolf. Huff Post.

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Thanks for another great article Buck…   Kreskin with Buck Wolf and the crew. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/21/the-amazing-kreskin_n_6512004.html?utm_hp_ref=weird-news  Read More →

Read all about Kreskin’s ‘amazing’ yet intriguing announcement in this NY Daily News link: http://m.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/julianne-moore-won-alice-role-writer-mind-article-1.2081860#bmb=1 The NY Daily News  Read More →

Kreskin on Today Power Your Life.    Read More →