Congrats To Heather “The Heat” Hardy

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Congrats to Heather “The Heat” Hardy On Winning The Amazing Kreskin in the ring at BB Kings with The new WBC Int'l Junior Featherweight Champion Heather "The Heat" Hardy The WBC International Junior Featherweight Championship It was pleasure working with you in preparation for this... (more...)

October 2, 2014 Amazing Kreskin About To Prove To World Of Professional Boxing The Power Of The Human Mind.   Heather "The Heat" Hardy Kreskin will meet with female boxer,  Heather “The Heat” Hardy On October 8, 2014 at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn.     This... (more...)

Jeter and Hardy

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KRESKIN TAPPED TO MENTALLY CONDITION HARDY It’s official!  Kreskin has been commissioned to mentally condition top rated boxer Heather “The Heat” Hardy.  She will be in a major bout in NYC on October 15, 2014. Kreskin will meeting with her sometime before the match to condition her mentally... (more...)

Dish on Frank Kreskin

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Ozzy, Sharon & Kreskin?!?!?! Read More →


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September 16, 2014: Last week Apple unveiled a new version of the iPhone and a new smart watch...  I Have News For You We Have Them Beat!!! As much as the multi billion dollar success of Apple cannot be denied, we have a new product which neither Apple or any other cell phone company sells and... (more...)

Kreskin’s ‘Ultimate Fear’ Coming Soon

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The World’s Greatest Mentalist The Amazing Kreskin in New Documentary, “The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear” NEW YORK, September, 2014 With his well-known capacities as a Mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin has, for some six decades, dramatized the unique facets of the human mind. With an abiding... (more...)

Captain Jeter Meet Captain Kreskin!

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Joe Girardi anoints Derek Jeter 'CAPTAIN KRESKIN' During last night's NY Yankee game, Captain Derek Jeter was channeling Kreskin on the bench. Jeter predicted how many runs the Yankees would score and in which innings to complete an 'amazing' comeback. With only a few games left in Jeter's  'amazing'... (more...)

WMFU 91.9

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  Kreskin Can Be Heard Worldwide at 9am on Friday 9/12/14  Read More →

Comic Relief

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                                                                       One Big Happy by Rick Detorie     Read More →

Kreskin To Attend Opening Of Fashion Week.

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I find it exciting and personally fulfilling to see that the fashion of Victor De Souza is being presented in part with the setting of the legendary Horse and Buggy of New York City. Victor De Souza deserves accolades, not only for his work, but for publicly embracing the Horse and Carriage that must... (more...)