The reason I wrote the foreword to two books, Ghosts in the Valley and More Ghosts in the Valley, is because the author and the copy within the books absolutely enchanted me. Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey was a renowned ghost-chaser who during her lifetime investigated chilling incidents, including... (more...)

Exciting news coming soon!

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Kreskin is about to announce his contribution to two new books which should be fascinating, if not mysterious, in their content. Will reveal all just before New Year’s.  Read More →

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Kreskin at the final Regis Philbin show

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Kreskin entering ABC Television on the Red Carpet for Regis’ farewell appearance.  Read More →

Kreskin’s Thoughts for the week

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I just saw over the weekend the front page story in The Star-Ledger “Teen’s dedication to soldiers yields a glimpse at life of duty”, the piece highlighting High School Junior John McDonald’s creation of a GI Tickets Foundation. It has been a while since I have been so inspired by a news story.... (more...)

Kreskin and longtime friend Regis Philbin

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There is an irony in this picture. Kreskin appears here with the legendary Regis Philbin, and also present is Jerry Seinfeld who is scheduled to fill in as a temporary replacement following Philbin’s retirement.  Read More →

Kreskin’s Sudden Blackjack Winning

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Kreskin’s Sudden Blackjack Winning On Sunday night, Kreskin happened into Atlantic City. Having been nearby and having not visited for a long time, Kreskin decided to approach the blackjack tables. While his pictures are in casinos throughout the western U.S. , it would be quite a challenge for... (more...)

More on Midnight Snack by Michael McCarty….

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More on Midnight Snack by Michael McCarty…. A reviewer, referred to tongue-in-cheek as The Amazing Mark (Mark McLaughlin) makes this astounding prediction in his Facebook commentary : “MIDNIGHT SNACK will someday become a Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt as the vampire, Lindsay Lohan as... (more...)

Regis…. Farewell to a Giant

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Regis…. Farewell to a Giant I am honored to have received the invitation from ABC Television to attend Regis Philbin’s final appearance on Friday, November 18th. It is a very difficult moment in my life to reflect upon. I wonder if anyone has had the length of time working with Regis that yours... (more...)

Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest

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Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest I want to share with you a powerful video experience. The fact that it only consumes about one minute makes it all the more remarkable, when you consider that it represents thousands of lives and traumatic months, days, and years that they experience.... (more...)