When we reflect on the passing of the legendary movie actress Celeste Holm, we recall fabulous moments in All About Eve and A Gentleman’s Agreement amongst an array of top movies. I have an even more personalized remembrance, since Ms. Holm guested on my TV series The Amazing World of Kreskin. It... (more...)

The Power of Mass Suggestion in Society

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As if the contagious social phenomena, which yours truly stated blatantly was pure auto-suggestion, namely the girls who came down with the inexplicable tics and spasms in LeRoy, New York, lest we think it stopped there, let alone the girls in Quebec, Canada a month or so ago who did not come out of... (more...)

Gionna Ferguson (a student at First Cerebral Palsey of New Jersey) is pictured here with her father Joe Ferguson and The Amazing Kreskin at a reception for Janet Markman’s photo exhibit at The Caldwell Public Library.  Read More →

” The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear ”

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The Amazing Kreskin was joined by actress and horror movie fan Megan Halverson for a video shoot for Kreskin’s upcoming ode to the horror genre, ” The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear, ” directed by Kevin Sean Michaels. Look for it later this year.  Read More →

Kreskin Calling… “I Want My Check!”

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Kreskin is joined by Devin Dola, Derek Drayson & Colin Durand,who were part of the sponsoring committee who brought Kreskin to The University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, CA. on Feb. 2nd, 2012. During his concert before the University audience, Kreskin completed what turned out to be one of the most... (more...)

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant (June 28, 2012) Kreskin during an interview with Kathleen Parrish of American Way (the inflight magazine of American Airlines) addressing a locked metal chest that was placed on the top shelf at Patsy’s Restaurant in July of last year. It contains a note that... (more...)

Backstage party after Kreskin’s sold out show at the Community Center in Mount Dora, FL Dan Stapleton , a collector of movie billboards, introduced this gigantic poster that was used to promote the movie “The Great Buck Howard”. Kreskin is standing in front of The Great Buck Howard…alias... (more...)

Kreskin Attempting to Interpret the Thoughts of Legendary Animator “Bill Plympton” The first animator in the history of animation to hand draw every frame for an animated feature film, pictured here at Brasserie Cognac Restaurant pre-party, for the Gala Premiere of a new documentary on... (more...)

To all my great fans, Over the past 2 weeks, my IT team has been diligently working to restore the website, along with the porthole that allows me to add posts to communicate with you. We were hacked by a person, who I’m sure is in desperate need of psychiatric help, that temporarily shut down... (more...)

The scenario that’s taken place in recent days is a warning sign that the American public and those behind the scenes need to be aware of and prepared for. Whoever the pinheads, kooks, and in essence life losers are, they are giving us a warning that such tactics can be employed by terrorists. Let’s... (more...)