Kreskin praises Josh Sapan's new book 'Big Picture'. Click on link below and NY Times review.   Read More →

Government Shutdown ends…. KRESKIN KNEW!!!!

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Government Shutdown ends…. KRESKIN KNEW!!!!   The prediction the Amazing Kreskin made nationally on October 7th regarding the Government Shutdown has come to pass with the bi-partisan agreement last night. Along with Kreskin’s successful prediction, he also stated that there will another... (more...)

'Money with Melissa Francis' on FBN Click on the Links Below to Watch Kreskin's Appearance (Then double click on the video to watch full-screen)   Bumper  Segment Back... (more...)

Kreskin will be appearing live today on Fox Business’ at 5pm ET, “MONEY with Melissa Francis”. Kreskin will shed some predictions/thoughts regarding the "Government Shut-down". Should be a very interesting take on this situation that we have yet to hear. The show will also be repeated at 12:00am... (more...)

Bergan PAC

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You Don’t Believe in Ghosts!!! Does That Mean You Feel Safe in Attending Kreskin’s Concert Which Will End With a  Ghost Sighting?   Bergen Performing Arts Center Englewood, NJ Wednesday, Oct. 9th at 8pm Consider that three years ago during a NYC Kreskin performance one woman... (more...)

Joe Franklin interviews Kreskin this weekend on Bloomberg Radio 1130 on am radio Read More →


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Prepare to be frightened out of your wits… You will dare to attend Kreskin’s show with a Halloween experience and be confronted by a ghost but.. how do you think your girlfriend will react if she sees a ghost during Kreskin’s concert? Get ready for a once in a lifetime experience, and a great... (more...)

Las Vegas gaming authority John Romero has recently written Las Vegas…the Untold Story. In a chapter devoted to The Amazing Kreskin Romero states.. “Kreskin is the most dangerous person in the world with a deck of cards. The Casinos would rather deal with Willie Sutton." Willie Sutton was... (more...)

Kreskin speaks to Holloway party kids.

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Kreskin has some serious advice for those kids who broke into ex-NFL'er Brian Holloway's home. They should think twice about repeating their previous shenanigans. Read More →

Witches & Fish & Kreskin & Long

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I just had the most remarkable experience of reading and viewing your book on the internet... I must tell you that this is the first time I  have ever read a graphic novel and it will remain memorable that the novel was yours. A most intriguing mystical story and I have to tell your artistry is absolutely... (more...)