?????? Kreskin on Steroids ?????

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PLAY LINK BELOW Kreskin on AM 860 – Portland, OR  Read More →

Happy Paranormal Day

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Kreskin Live on WFMU Radio “Prove It All Night” with  Pat Byrne Saturday, May 6th 2017 9:45PM In Monty Hall   43 Montgomery Street Jersey City, NJ 07302  Read More →

Kreskin is extremely excited as he is now in negotiation for a television special, in which he will reveal one of the most remarkable, hidden moments in his entire career, going all the way back to the early days of NBC’s Carson’s Tonight Show in New York City, then in LA. It started with an incident... (more...)

Kreskin Attends Highways Magazine Premiere

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Kreskin Attends Highways Magazine Premiere  Read More →

Spats White brings Tiny Tim Back to Life

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Kreskin attends a fascinating and riveting performance by Spats White & Kreskin  Spats White, In which he brings Tiny Tim to life again, in “God Loves Tiny Tim” Yours truly recently had one of the most fascinating theatrical evenings he could remember for many a year. It was a performance and... (more...)

To Watch Archived Shows of “The Amazing World of Kreskin” VISIT hulu.com  Read More →

            It is with great sadness that I predict these video scenes captured by cell phones in the United Airline’s setting will be used for many, many months as a weapon by our political and military enemies all over the world.  It will be impossible for us to... (more...)

National Pet Day

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  Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Kreskin’s pets are concerned that he never be alone, even when he’s involved in serious business details.  Read More →

Kreskin & Waters finally meet in person.

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Both The Amazing Kreskin and legendary Director John Waters have each been longtime fans of one another. They both got their wish over this past week at NJ Horror Conference where they were able to meet each other in person after years of admiration from each other. It was an ‘amazing’ meeting... (more...)