Bill O’Reilly mentions Kreskin

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One of Kreskin’s all time favorites, Bill O’Reilly mentions him on Fox News Live.  Thank you Mr. O’Reilly!!  Read More →

Kreskin slated to attend 2nd season premiere

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Looking forward to meeting the cast.  Read More →

I can now fulfill my promise about a special event of which I have been extremely excited. It has been many months in the making and now we have a first.  In recent months there has been a tremendous interest in the paranormal including everything from telepathy, precognition, out of body experience,... (more...)


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The Amazing Kreskin Joins The Crew Of TELL IT LIKE IT IS Mariana Cardenas, Kreskin & Vinnie Vella “Telling It Like It Is” The Vinnie Vella  and Mariana Cardenas Show Saturdays @7pm Time Warner Cable Channel 57 STAY TUNED HERE TO VIEW KRESKIN’S APPEARANCE ON THE SHOW…  Read More →

Mentalist Kreskin to Film Pilot

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Mentalist Kreskin to film pilot on Indiana  Military Museum, Hopes to interest Major network THE ASSOCIATED PRESS First Posted: March 04, 2015 – 10:54 am Last Updated: March 04, 2015 – 10:58 am VINCENNES, Indiana — The Amazing Kreskin has a vision for an Indiana military museum... (more...)

Kreskin on The Five on Fox News

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Kreskin on The Five on Fox News Tuesday, March 03, 2015 The Fox News Channel Program, “The Five” The conversation went to President Obama not listening to certain people keeping a ‘deaf ear’ to some things. Then Greg Gutfeld blurted out… 5:11:21 PM “He can cooperate... (more...)

Concert For Ebola Relief

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    !!!THANK YOU FOR BEING IN ACTION!!!   Koran from Wolf Bourbon & Kreskin     Daniel Koye & Kreskin                 Kreskin & Beverly Hills “Housewife”, British Restaurateur, Philanthropist     Kelly... (more...)

Kreskin At The... COLOR OF BEAUTY AWARDS  Kreskin & CEO Premis Cognac  Joseph Antney    Kreskin & First plus size model Jordan Tesfay     Kreskin & Daniel Koye-Hairdresser to the Stars!  Read More →

Herald Square Hyatt Grand Opening

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Grand Opening on Wednesday night! Myself with Rain Dove from Oxygen at the HYATT Herald Square New York Grand Opening on Wednesday Night! Kreskin & Aviva Drescher (Real Housewives of New York) Rain Dove (Runway Model) & Kreskin  AichG Check out Rain Dove & The... (more...)

Club Kosher & Kreskin

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 I PREDICT AN      AMAZING PASSOVER           IN YOUR FUTURE… …as long as you’re coming to Club Kosher at the Caribe Hilton To Join The Club Just Click Here;  Read More →