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R i t a C o s b yR i t a C o s b yR i t a C o s b yR i t a C o s b yR i t a C o s b yR i t a C o s b yR i t a C o s b yR i t a C o s b y The lovely Rita Cosby & The Amazing Kreskin At the party Kreskin found himself in the enviable position of attempting to read the thoughts of of prominent attorney... (more...)

Attention!! Kreskin may be riding with you in Chicago! One of our great Chicago fans alerted us that a segment Kreskin performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is now appearing in a Fallon Show promo in the yellow cabs of Chicago.  Read More →

Obama in bed with Fidel Castro

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Kreskin will shortly be presenting his reflections and predictions on the ramifications of the Presidential team unloading the prison population with the anticipation of “saving millions of dollars of prison costs”. There will be a strong headline to his commentary because of behind the scene information... (more...)

If you’re in the Lakewood, NJ area this Friday November 6th don’t miss Kreskin performing what he calls, “a wild seance.” You’ve seen Kreskin perform this seance on Jimmy Fallon and Howard Stern, however Kreskin has something even wilder in mind for his big show at the... (more...)

KDKA-TV CBS Pittsburgh

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Fantastic Interview Watch Interview Dave Crawley KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh  Read More →

Kreskin Appears on WPXI-TV in Pennsylvania

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Chris Moore of WPXI-TV Interviews Kreskin Watch Interview  Read More →


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RUE MORGUE…Horror in Culture & Entertainment BE SURE TO READ THE OCTOBER 2015 EDITION (ISSUE 160) Catch up on all your Spirits, Demons & Superstitions by purchasing a copy of Rue Morgue at your local book seller. 125 Years of the Ouija Board & 80 Years of The Amazing Kreskin  Read More →

NEWS: Toronto Sun Kreskin comes to aid of hypnotic ex-principal blamed for death of three students Postmedia Network Thursday, October 22, 2015, 3:38 PM The Amazing Kreskin aka George Kresge Jr. on stage at the Glenn Gould Studio. (WENN.COM) The Amazing Kreskin has come to the defence of a Florida principal... (more...)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: KRESKIN MAKES OPEN OFFER TO DISGRACED ‘HYPNOTIST’ PRINCIPAL NEW YORK: The Amazing Kreskin is making an open offer to Dr. George Kenney, the Sarasota County High School Principal who was fired for allegedly causing the suicides of three high school students after ‘hypnotizing’... (more...)

Amazing Kreskin says ‘hypnosis is BS,’

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CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE ...Bashes Florida principal trance scandal   The Amazing Kreskin wants you to snap out of it. The famed mentalist on Friday bashed believers of hypnosis, saying a Florida school district got fleeced into paying the families of three students who died after... (more...)