Regis…. Farewell to a Giant

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Regis…. Farewell to a Giant I am honored to have received the invitation from ABC Television to attend Regis Philbin’s final appearance on Friday, November 18th. It is a very difficult moment in my life to reflect upon. I wonder if anyone has had the length of time working with Regis that yours... (more...)

Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest

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Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest I want to share with you a powerful video experience. The fact that it only consumes about one minute makes it all the more remarkable, when you consider that it represents thousands of lives and traumatic months, days, and years that they experience.... (more...)

Katie Couric mentions Kreskin

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Check out this link for an ‘amazing’ mention regarding Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.  Read More →


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The Amazing Kreskin welcomes Nikolai Baskov at his American Debut Album “Romantic Journey” Release Party on October 4, 2011 in NYC. They share an exciting moment when Kreskin presents an autographed copy of his book, Fun Way to Mind Expansion, recently released in Russia. All the more exciting... (more...)

Candlelight Theatre

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Candlelight Theatre Anyone who has attended one of Kreskin’s public concerts knows that there are moments when he sits in a chair graced by a paneled screen, all with a touch of elegance. On September 29, 2011 Kreskin presented a full evening concert at The New Candlelight Theatre in Arden, Delaware.... (more...)

Modesto JC (Kreskin Mention)

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The karma gods must have honored the Modesto Junior College Pirates and their cornerback from Gilroy who pilfered the Gavilan Rams … from Gilroy. His name is Kris Dipko, a freshman safety forced to man a new position. From there, he intercepted three passes before halftime Saturday night when the... (more...)

Conversations with Kreskin

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Conversations with Kreskin Although he hasn’t yet publicly spoken about it, The Amazing Kreskin’s new book will be released in the coming weeks. Entitled “Conversations with Kreskin,” it was penned by both Kreskin and writer Michael McCarty and it is the world renowned mentalist’s 19th book. Kreskin... (more...)

911 London Play & Kreskin

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The play The Mercy Seat by Neil Labute, written as a response to 911, has opened recently on the London stage starring Janine Ingrid Ulfane. She has contacted Kreskin, as a pivotal scene in the play discusses Kreskin. The Mercy Seat takes place in New York City a day or so after the 911 attack. This... (more...)

MIDNIGHT SNACK by Michael McCarty

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Horror story writer Michael McCarty has done it again. This time he has released a satirical new novel dealing with vampires titled appropriately Midnight Snack. And don’t you know, one of the pivotal figures in the story is The Amazing Kreskin. Indeed, aside from attempting to protect and warn people... (more...)

Furry Kreskins? Do cats and dogs possess ESP?

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Furry Kreskins? Do cats and dogs possess ESP? -JO EDWARDS Jos Doggy Talk Dear Jo: I once read an article about our cuts and dogs possessing ESP, better known as extra sensory perception. I have never tried any experiments but I have noticed that our cat named Peakaboo seems to be able to read my mind... (more...)