WDCM’s Scott Spears & Kreskin

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 Will be on tonight and tomorrow on...  WDCM in Marion, Ohio and will also be available on the internet starting tonight at 8pm by searching "Scott Spears Now" on facebook or by going to youtube and searching "Scott Spears Now Kreskin" Read More →

Priest says woman hypnotized him and stole church donations. I don't think so... This priest should hire a great fiction writer next time he comes up with a doozy like this one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z029h32q6tfeyu7/2013-12-30%2013.47.31.mov http://eideard.com/2013/12/28/priest-says-woman-hypnotized-him-and-stole-church-donations/ Read More →

Alan Colmes & The Amazing Kreskin

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Listen to Kreskin on Alan Colmes Radio Show Friday Dec. 27, 2013 Read More →

Wolf of Wall Street

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Martin Scorsese's New Film  The Wolf of Wall Street Opened on Christmas Day.   Kreskin is mentioned in a dramatic key scene. Read More →

Home and Family

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     Check Out Kreskin As He Appears With Mark and Cristina Hallmark TV Network Monday, December 30, 2013 @ 12:00pm EST  Read More →

Mentalist In Bend

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The Amazing Kreskin garners a standing ovation at The Tower Theatre in Bend, Oregon  Read More →

Kreskin’s 2014 Predictions Coming 01-04-2014

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Happy Holiday's everyone! Kreskin will be releasing several major predictions for 2014 during the 1st week of the new year 2014. We wish you all a happy and healthy. Read More →

Letterman to Roberts

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  Listen to Dave Letterman Mention Kreskin to Julia Roberts.   Click on Link  Below             KXGN_12-12-2013_23.01.16.mp4           Read More →

I DIDN'T DO IT, yells Kreskin... Kreskin received a nice letter from the NJ Tax Man yesterday. The return address was a PO BOX and the Box # was 666. Coincidence? All Kreskin could say was, 'I didn't do that!' A fun holiday devil reference at the expense of the New Jersey Tax Department. We... (more...)

Kreskin has a KNOCK OUT Saturday Night!

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"The Battle for Brooklyn" a special edition of "Broadway Boxing" promoted by Lou DiBella Boxing Promoter Lou DiBella Took place Saturday night at the Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn.  In the week leading up to the fights, The Amazing Kreskin had been working with three major... (more...)