“Your Music Authority” is Ron Farber

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I’ve known Ron Farber for a number of years.  He’s a legendary pop and rock music historian.  If you want a special treat in which a flood of memories will come through, you need to contact Ron.  What makes his program all the more intriguing is that he’s been personally involved with so... (more...)

Colbert Channels the Amazing Kreskin

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Huffington Post - July 19th 2016 Colbert Channels the Amazing Kreskin Kolbert as Creskin?…Creskin as Karnac? Colbert as Kreskin??? Before the festivities started at the Republican Convention yesterday, television host Stephen Colbert — channeling the late Johnny Carson’s clairvoyant, The Amazing... (more...)

Kreskin Signs with Rosen PR Group

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Kreskin Inc. is proud to announce the signing of Rosen PR Group Founded in 1984, The Rosen Group is headquartered in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, with an office in Denver, CO. The firm has a team of 16 executives dedicated to generating a groundswell of  buzz and attention with... (more...)

“Kreskin already knows who our next President will be and has a plan to fix our very broken government.” CLICK ON PICTURE TO HEAR KRESKIN'S COMMENTARY  Read More →

Kreskin on the Future…

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As I promised in the attached video, I will have much more to reveal regarding these recent tragic incidents and how they affect our future –  Kreskin  Read More →

All American Pet Photo Day!

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Kreskin with his Felines Spooky & Pumpkin “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  Read More →

Tony Robbin’s Firewalking disaster

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Fire walking has existed for thousands of years, going back to 1200 BC.  In some cases it has been a rite of healing, initiation or faith.  In modern physics, understand that the short amount of time a bare foot is in contact with the ground is usually not enough to create a burn as embers are not... (more...)

Celebrated Author Michael McCarty, who has been a Bram Stoker (Dracula) Award Finalist 5 times, has just released two of his volumes now combined: Liquid Diet & Midnight Snack. Wait till you learn Kreskin’s involvement in fighting Vampires. Book available at: Amazon.com BarnesandNoble.com  Read More →

Daily Mail Interview Over 30,00 Views

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Great News!!! Kreskin & Sarah Pusateri from the Daily Mail Daily Mail interview hits 30,000 views!  Read More →


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We Want To Thank All Of  You Hollywood Folk For Alerting Us That The New Martin Scorsese Movie Starring Leonardo DiCaprio… The Wolf of Wall Street Debuts Christmas Day, December 25 2013 Due to his abilities to project into the future, Kreskin is mentioned in a dramatic key scene. FAST FORWARD... (more...)