MIDNIGHT SNACK by Michael McCarty

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Horror story writer Michael McCarty has done it again. This time he has released a satirical new novel dealing with vampires titled appropriately Midnight Snack. And don’t you know, one of the pivotal figures in the story is The Amazing Kreskin. Indeed, aside from attempting to protect and warn people... (more...)

Furry Kreskins? Do cats and dogs possess ESP?

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Furry Kreskins? Do cats and dogs possess ESP? -JO EDWARDS Jos Doggy Talk Dear Jo: I once read an article about our cuts and dogs possessing ESP, better known as extra sensory perception. I have never tried any experiments but I have noticed that our cat named Peakaboo seems to be able to read my mind... (more...)

David Letterman

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I just want everyone to know that I felt it important to watch David Letterman, especially last night August 22, 2011. He was coming back from a vacation. During the time he was off, it was publicized that a serious terrorist threat was issued against him because of some humorous remarks he made not... (more...)

Dallas Morning News

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Dallas Morning News  Read More →

The Washington Scene

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Kreskin 2012 Presidential Prediction. Great Article http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know  Read More →

Regis and Kelly Talking Kreskin Prediction

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http://mediacenter.tveyes.com/downloadgateway.aspx?UserID=130081&MDID=736080&MDSeed=2369&Type=Media  Read More →

Mike Spicer Cartoonist :The Amazing Kreskin

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Wow what an “amazing’ coincidence that this cartoons chose the same key KRESKIN phrase as Joe St Pierre did in his wonderful art for CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN : “Isn’t that wild…” Please open this link although we have been spoiled by the great artwork of Joe http://mikespicercartoonist.blogspot.com/2011/08/celebrity-clerk-amazing-kresin.html  Read More →

Kreskin on Fox and Friends

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On Monday August 15th, Kreskin will be appearing on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Network discussing his predictions. Please see your local guide for air times and channel.  Read More →

Kreskin and Fallon with safe  Read More →

Kreskin On Jimmy Fallon – 7/25/2011

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Please click on the links to watch Kreskin on Jimmy Fallon. Kreskin predicts the Republican candidate and the winner of the 2012 Presidential election.  Read More →