The Bradley Family with Kreskin at The Palace Theatre in Greensburg, PA The Bradleys say thanks for coming to the Greensburg Palace, thanks for the pictures and autographs, thanks for the great show, and thanks for being amazing. God be with you, The Bradleys Read More →

January 14, 2013 What’s On Your Mind

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I'm old enough to remember  The Amazing Kreskin and all the old TV shows where he plied his trade back when I was a kid -- the variety shows of Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Steve Allen and others.I'm old enough to remember The Amazing Kreskin and all the old TV shows where he plied his... (more...)

Don’t call the Amazing Kreskin a fortune teller.  The 77-year old  veteran mentalist reads people’s thoughts. Using his experience as an avid traveler and student of the human condition,  Kreskin has for decades been predicting the future, first most notably as a  regular guest on the Johnny... (more...)

Enquiring Minds Want to Know…Kreskin

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ENQUIRING MINDER: WILL 2013 be OBSCENE or SERENE? THE AMAZING KRESKIN LETS US KNOW FIRST! The Enquiring Minder sought the wisdom of the world-renowned mentalist THE AMAZING KRESKIN to learn where we’d all stand for next spin around the Sun! Please find a clip of the article below and direct link... (more...)

Watch Laura Ingle with Kreskin on

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Watch Now by Clicking on the Link Below Laura Ingle streaming live with The Amazing Kreskin     Read More →

The Amazing Kreskin Talks Being Blacklisted From Vegas Casinos With Jenny Woo’s Senior International Correspondent Jenny Woo sits down with The Amazing Kreskin to talk about his being blacklisted from all the Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos.  Kreskin tells all. The... (more...)

Still in a Stalemate

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  There is no doubt in my mind- that without the wisdom of statesmen, our politicians consciously and unconsciously, planned the stalemate to go to the last minute. Could anyone doubt this? I really feel that had they taken me up on my offer to meet with me, for an hour to 90 minutes to help end... (more...)

Kreskin on Alan Colmes

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Listen live to   Kreskin on The Alan Colmes Show Tonight Dec. 26th at 11:00 The most interactive talk radio program on the planet. Alan welcomes "any and all opinion, any and all the time." Read More →

Amazing Kreskin’s Statement to White House

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Amazing Kreskin says White House still has not accepted his offer to mediate Fiscal Cliff Stalemate. PLEDGES TO STAY ON 24 HOUR ALERT TO GO TO WASHINGTON IF SUMMONED. The Amazing Kreskin today reiterated his offer to mediate differences holding up agreement that could cause massive tax hikes. According... (more...)

Kreskin Featured Fox Business’ Markets Now

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Fox Business’ Markets Now Featured Kreskin on the show on December 19th To discuss his predictions on the Mayan Apocalypse – end of the world and the Fiscal Cliff negotiations. In addition, the show highlighted Kreskin’s book, “Conversations With Kreskin.”     Read More →