If you could read her thoughts….Debrahlee Lorenzana, who filed charges that she was fired by her bosses at Citibank because of her sexy attractiveness and garb, has already won the case. She’s gotten what she mainly wanted and that is the 17 ½ minutes of fame. I can tell you now she is wallowing... (more...)

Official Proclamation From Huntington

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Councilwoman Susan A. Berland was on hand at Huntington Village’s Cinema Arts Centre Thursday night to celebrate the Amazing Kreskin’s 75th birthday and to present the world-renown mentalist with an official proclamation from the Town of Huntington, recognizing his career that has spanned... (more...)

Kreskin on YouTube…

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A Media Alert: “YouTube is now showing over 100 videos, commercials, interviews and much more with Kreskin.” View the list of videos.  Read More →

Colin Hanks in The Good Guys

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The actor who played my road manager in The Great Buck Howard, Colin Hanks, has signed up to star in a new TV series, The Good Guys, on FOX. I suppose I should have foreseen that was going to happen… but I can predict it will be a great success.  Read More →

US Attorney General Eric Holder…

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I predict that US Attorney General Eric Holder will step down from his position before Obama reaches a second term, if indeed he is re-elected to office. I reaffirm what I predicted right after his Presidential election, namely that if he fails to win or for that matter run for a second term, it will... (more...)

Betty Meets The Amazing Kreskin

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by Delainey and Rasmussen – Thursday, May 13, 2010  Read More →

The 21st annual Dusty Film and Animation Festival and Awards highlights over 100 films by students graduating from the BFA Film, Video and Animation Department at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). The program includes screenings of short films, videos and animations; and an awards ceremony and gala with... (more...)

Regarding Elena Kagan’s nomination to United States Supreme Court by President Obama: Already there are some suggesting borrowing my abilities, to wit Esquire, The Political Blog: Really, Mr. President? Elena Kagan?…. This latter issue, which is almost wholly absent from the national dialogue... (more...)

I can sense that many Americans are concerned that this is the beginning of a domino effect after which could follow France and England and within three years the USA  Read More →

Amazin’ Saberhead Vs The Amazing Kreskin

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Mets Merized Online A Baseball Site for Die Hard Mets Fans Written by Joe D April 23, 2010 “Personally, I think the Mets would have been better off hiring The Amazing Kreskin, who once lobby the Mets for a job.” “In a letter to Jay Horwitz, the Mets’ Vice President of Media Relations, Kreskin... (more...)