May 15, 2015 Ed Asner & Kreskin Backstage At The Bergen Performing Arts Center Last night I had a most delightful and moving experience. The legendary actor Ed Asner performed at the Bergen Performance Arts Center his two hour, one man show in which he takes on the role of one of our GreatestPresidents…... (more...)

The Legendary Mentalist has Written to New York City’s Mayor With a Request to Sit Down With Him.   ‘My audiences have asked me if I could give them An understanding as to how you came to your decision Regarding horse and carriages in NYC,’ He wrote to de Blasio, who has not responded.   Handsome... (more...)

The Amazing Kreskin and Red Queen Musical Artist Rick Hack, who had Three Songs debut at Tribeca Film Festival in the film “Sister” starring Barbara Hershey and Reid Scott, spend an afternoon at The Carnegie Deli for a colossal lunch. Kreskin & Rick Hack Capturing the sounds of the... (more...)

Friar’s Club Special Event

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Friar’s Club Special Event Hosting Kreskin and the Validity of Psychics in Crime Investigations Jules Feiler, Kreskin, Erin Moriarty, Linda Kenny Baden & Michael Baden A great evening was put together by Jules Feiler for those who solve crimes. The question remains is there value in having... (more...)

Yours Truly has read thousands of books in his life but I cannot think of any that has been more inspiring than a new book just released titled Struck by Genius. It is a true story of Jason Padgett. No, this is not a person that you thinkfor a stunt television show or some oddity like the old Ripley’s... (more...)

An Option For Law Enforcement Assistance!

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Persons of Interest  Click Picture for more info    Read More →

Kreskin’s Unveiling

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Talk About a Macabre Evening,  New York’s Friars Club  Describes next Monday  April 28th,  2014 Event with the opening scene:                “Very Foggy Evening, Spooky Music, as the Camera Pans…” Kreskin will be interviewed by a panel hosted by  Erin Moriarty of... (more...)

Caldwell Library Honors Bob & Janet Markman

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Kreskin Supports The Markman’s On Wednesday April 9 at 6:30pm The Caldwell Public Library and the Borough of Caldwell Honored Bob and Janet Markman for their tremendous support of our community.  The Markmans went all out for the Trolley talk.  They got a NJ Trolley expert to come, the trolley... (more...)

ABC Entertainment Pop

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Kreskin on ABC’s “Entertainment Pop” Tells Chris Brown to “Hire Someone to Kick Your A**” Click on Image to view clip  Read More →

PBS Features “The Great Buck Howard”

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Don’t Miss “The Great Buck Howard” On PBS WNET Thirteen Tonight @ 11p & Sun.@2:40a  Read More →