Las Vegas..The Untold Story.

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  John Romero who is a very prominent authority in the gaming industry has written a book that is available on the internet called  Las Vegas..The Untold Story.     In a chapter devoted to Kreskin he states… “Kreskin is the most dangerous man in the world with a deck of cards. The casinos... (more...)


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An open letter and challenge to Justin Bieber from the Amazing Kreskin I am concerned about the future of talented people in  the entertainment world, sports and the political world (if there is any such talent.) Most of the problems we have in life we create ourselves. Months ago I publicly predicted... (more...)

2014 has started with a bang in the world of Kreskin. Just last week one of Kreskin’s major predictions for 2014 has started to become evident, more on that later… Here’s another top 5 prediction for this year and into the next few years.  Read More →

Visit Whipples World For The Latest Predictions Made By The Amazing Kreskin For 2014 With NY1 Lifestyles & Entertainment Reporter George Whipple Friday, January 3rd 2014  Read More →

Letterman Compelled To Mention Kreskin !!!???

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HMMM…Seems Like Every Couple Weeks A Mustachioed David Letterman Mentions Kreskin  Is it possible to eavesdrop on other peoples brain activity???  Read More →


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We Want To Thank All Of  You Hollywood Folk For Alerting Us That The New Martin Scorsese Movie Starring Leonardo DiCaprio… The Wolf of Wall Street Debuts Christmas Day, December 25 Due to his abilities to project into the future, Kreskin is mentioned in a dramatic key scene.    Read More →

Varney & Kreskin

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Stuart Varney & The Amazing Kreskin on Varney & Co.  Read More →

Fox Business Varney & Kreskin

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Watch The Amazing Kreskin on Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney Thursday, January 2nd 2014      Read More →

WDCM’s Scott Spears & Kreskin

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 Will be on tonight and tomorrow on…  WDCM in Marion, Ohio and will also be available on the internet starting tonight at 8pm by searching “Scott Spears Now” on facebook or by going to youtube and searching “Scott Spears Now Kreskin”  Read More →

Priest says woman hypnotized him and stole church donations. I don’t think so… This priest should hire a great fiction writer next time he comes up with a doozy like this one.  Read More →