Kreskin On Her Mind

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  Kreskin & Arlene Bynon   Kreskin in tune with Canadian TV and radio personality Arlene Bynon – One of Kreskin’s all time favorite broadcasters.  Read More →

America’s Footprints

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Joe Fiduccia (Founder: Americas & The Amazing Kreskin This Great Young Entrepreneur Allows Us To Leave Our Own Personal Footprint. Brilliant!  Check out this new wonderful site.  Read More →

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I am always excited when I discover a young entrepreneur. Wait until you see what Joe Fiduccia has created. I predict that this unique innovation will be an immense success. CHECK OUT: and leave your footprint.  Read More →

An Alert for a Special Musical Concert

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If you love piano music as much as I do,   I can promise you that you will be excited to attend a very special concert that will be taking place on July 10, 2014, 7:30pm at the New Jersey Youth Symphony’s Burgdorff Hall which is located at 570 Central Ave New Providence, NJ. The performer is... (more...)

Make Sure To Tune Into Kreskin For His Extraordinary Announcement click the link below to watch  The After the Show Show    Read More →

Kreskin Turns Up “The Heat”

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  The Special News Alert that I Am Excited To Share Is That I Have Made An Agreement To Work With Heather “The Heat” Hardy & The Amazing Kreskin After her TKO at The Aviator Sports & Events Center in Brooklyn, NY Heather “The Heat” Hardy One of the nation’s most heralded female... (more...)


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BE SURE NOT TO MISS!!! NJ NEWS 12 The Amazing Kreskin Della Crews Roxanne Evans  Saturday @  11:00 am 1:30 pm  3:30 pm &   Sunday @  11:00 am 1:30 pm 3:30 pm    Read More →

Illegal Immigrants

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June 18, 2014 PBS TV NOVA science NOW: What Will the Future Be Like? ….. (Kreskin – an example) PBS’s current NOVA episode deals with futuristic, almost sci-fi like advances. The viewer is presented with a machine that somehow is able to x-ray a person’s brain, observing the flow of blood,... (more...)

The Amazing Kreskin Wants to Tell Millionaire Jason Buzi   NYC, NY-6/12/2014 The Amazing Kreskin, the world famous “thought reader” wants to assure Jason Busi, the millionaire hiding cash in a cross-country scavenger hunt, that he won’t tell where the money is hidden. But he could! For many... (more...)