Fiscal Cliff Fix

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“Amazing Kreskin” offers to fix “Fiscal Cliff “  Read More →

Amazing Offer

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CAN FAMED MENTALIST BREAK STALEMATE? The Amazing Kreskin Offers To Resolve Nation’s Budget Differences. CLAIMS HE CAN “READ” WHAT BOTH SIDES WANT AND PROVIDE A MUTUALLY ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION. The Amazing Kreskin, who is known throughout the world for his incredible feats of mental... (more...)

Special Gift to those who Purchase Kreskin’s New Book When you purchase the book, simply send Kreskin a photo of you holding the book: email it to Kreskin with your name and return address. He will personally autograph a picture and send... (more...)

Kreskin on NBC New York NonStop

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Watch Kreskin’s appearance on As he discusses his new book with Roseanne Colletti!/on-air/as-seen-on/Conversations-With-The-Amazing-Krestin/181637671  Read More →

The National Arts Club is offering Kreskin fans a chance to experience one of the area’s great private Arts institutions in the historic Tilden Mansion 15 Gramercy Park South, NY. This is a special night for Kreskin fans, and admission is FREE. Wednesday evening December 19th At 7:30 pm there... (more...)

Friday, Nov. 30th 7:00 pm hosted by Chuck Scarborough Will he read the thoughts of Emmy award-winning anchor and correspondent since 1974 Chuck Scarborough, who is hosting the show? NBC New York Nonstop: Over the Air: Time Warner... (more...)

Check out Kreskin’s New Book Conversations with Kreskin Book Page   Book shopping cart link   eBook (ePDF) shopping cart link   eBook... (more...)

Psychology Today

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Published on Psychology Today Conversations with Kreskin Published on November 14, 2012 by Maureen Seaberg   The Amazing Kreskin reveals more of his synesthetic experience in new book   The Amazing Kreskin’s new book features art by Joe St. Pierre. The Amazing Kreskin reveals more about... (more...)

Fox & Friends Has Conversations With Kreskin

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Thank you so much to Fox Television and the whole crew who always make for an absolutely fantastic time. Click on link below to watch  Read More →

Warren Eckstein & The Pet Show & Kreskin

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It was just fabulous to have the incredible host of Warren Eckstein & The Pet Show attend the show in Sedona, Arizona. It was certainly great to see Warren again and I am sure we will meet up again in the very near future.  Read More →