Warren Eckstein & The Pet Show & Kreskin

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It was just fabulous to have the incredible host of Warren Eckstein & The Pet Show attend the show in Sedona, Arizona. It was certainly great to see Warren again and I am sure we will meet up again in the very near future. http://www.warreneckstein.com/  Read More →

Fox and Friends and Kreskin

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How Wonderful it was to see all my Friends at Patsy’s Restaurant in NYC for the launch party of my newest book “Conversations with Kreskin” Kreskin with Roger Ailes- President of Fox News Channel Watch Fox this Sunday, November 18th at 7:15 am to see The Amazing Kreskin on  Read More →

Conversations With Kreskin-Launch Party

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The launch party for The Amazing Kreskin’s new book Conversations With Kreskin is set for tomorrow,Wednesday, 12 noon at the legendary Patsy’s Italian Restaurant in NYC.  Read More →

Don’t Miss Kreskin’s Appearance on Where He Reveals His 2012 Presidential Prediction Photo Copyright: Lloyd Bishop/NBC Jimmy Fallon The Amazing Kreskin Pharrell Black Thought (Tariq Trotter) Watch Parts 1 & 2 on The NBC Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Website http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/the-amazing-kreskin-part-1-11-7-12/1423260/ ... (more...)

To All My Friends and Followers:

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To all my friends and followers: I cannot thank you enough for the concern and ongoing communications you extended regarding my well being. As of 12:50 a.m. my power has returned and my home and office are up and running. Though cut off from all communications (except for a cell phone) since last Monday,... (more...)

What’s On Kreskin’s Mind:

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Kreskin’s friends, fans, and associates do not have to be a mentalist to know what’s on his mind. He’s been living with it for one year and four months, since he wrote a Prediction out on the Jimmy Fallon Show on July 25, 2011. With copies going to three other sources, he has attempted to predict... (more...)

Roxie Kim Birthday Photo from 2012 Kreskin Show at The Strand Theatre What a privilege it was to introduce not only our soon to be 12 year old daughter Roxanne Kim to Kreskin but also many in her class. These girls go to an all girls school in downtown Pittsburgh named The Ellis School. The school... (more...)

The Huffington Post Colin Adamson, UK Hypnotist, Convinces Two College Freshman They’d Been Groped By Audience Member By Ryan Grenoble Posted: 10/08/2012 2:30 pm As I analyze this, it almost seems like a scene out of Saturday Night Live, except for this character’s total lack of taste. Fortunately,... (more...)

Kreskin’s Future

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Great News!!! The Amazing Kreskin’s new book… “Conversations with Kreskin” is now available as an eBook, with the forthcoming hard bound copy being released in early November. A major giant in television news has made a fascinating contribution to the book. Furthermore, one of the... (more...)

Lottery… “The Curse of Winning”

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Once again we have evidence of a seeming curse that hangs over those who win massive lottery amounts, and our civilized government has to consider how this bonanza gambling “winnings” can be altered so that people are not put in the tremendous danger that has long been documented. There has been... (more...)