Virginia Tech Massacre and Television Coverage

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In my reflections on this disastrous day, I think we can say that we have seen television at some of its finest hours and some of its worst hours. When I was a kid glued to radio and television admiring the fantastic communicative abilities of Arthur Godfrey. I remember him mentioning on one of his daily... (more...)

Virginia Tech Shooting

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I have very deep personal reasons for commenting on the Virginia Tech tragedy; in which at least 32 students have been killed. Having performed there on two occasions in a full evening concert in which I tune in on the thoughts of students and teachers, I feel a repertoire, not only with them but with... (more...)

Duke Case

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I am not going to say “I told you so” but within days after the three Lacrosse young men were accused of the sexually criminal charges; I made a public statement reiterating it on numerous broadcasts including Joey Reynolds, WOR that these three young men, one of whom lives only minutes from where... (more...)

Kreskin on Howard Stern

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Kreskin appeared on Howard Stern’s show earlier this month with a reprise of a seance he conducted on a previous Halloween event. The past week, Kreskin appeared once again on Howard Stern’s. This time, graphically describing how he had achieved a record playing black jack at resort’s... (more...)

Statement from The Amazing Kreskin: “I had had great anticipation when I was called to jury duty in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday, April 3, 2007. Having spent my entire life demonstrating my skills as a thought reader, I was ecstatic about serving the jury system in what I believe is a special way. While... (more...)

Mental Power is Real

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My forthcoming book, Mental Power is Real is really the fulfillment of a dream, for at long last I am revealing to you in greater detail, many of the thoughts I have reflected upon with audiences around the world      Read More →


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This week, a story broke internationally that was initiated by one of the distant relatives of the late famed escape artist, Harry Houdini. It was suggested that Houdini may have been murdered. There is hardly anybody alive today who knew Houdini. With that being said; Kreskin is pleased to announce... (more...)

Kreskin Finds Texas Rangers Captain

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McKinney, TX – World renowned mentalist The Amazing Kreskin found the Texas Rangers Captain in LESS THAN 14 minutes. The Texas Rangers Captain was hidden in an antique gift store in vault that was only accessible through a hidden door. the store was originally a bank built over one century ago. Only... (more...)

Minds Read by The Amazing Kreskin

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Kreskin proposes to complete the search by picking up the thoughts of a prestigious committee, who will be concentrating on the mascot’s location. Bo & Jim Mornings show invites two lucky “rascules” to take part of the search and join the committee who will have their minds read by the Amazing... (more...)

Airline Industry Estimated

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“Recently, the airline industry estimated that the Amazing Kreskin has flown in his career over 3 million miles! While Kreskin has been quoted as saying this is the safest time to fly – he has been quick to interject ‘I would never fly a Mitsubishi MU-2…. Never!’  Read More →