Reflections On Literary Legend Ray Bradbury

Posted by kreskin On June - 6 - 2012

We Have Lost A Living Legend

With the passing of Ray Bradbury, yours truly cannot help to reflect not only upon his many writings, but also his persona, both in literature and in person. Yours truly spent a number of hours with him on a radio show some years ago. He really didn’t think of himself in the main as a science fiction writer, as he felt there was only one book of his that was truly science fiction, Farenheit 451. He considered his writings mainly in the area of fantasy. But it is interesting, as has been captured by some of the press, that he felt he came at the right time…..the car had only been with us for a couple of decades, radio had not begun, and there was no television. In many respects, I envied him for the same reason that I envied my father, who was born before any of the modern-day phenomena as well. It gave Ray Bradbury an opportunity for his imagination to soar without the burden of already existing technology, and it could have been a burden. I remember one of his favorite comments was that there is a difference between fantasy and science fiction. He felt the latter was a prediction of the future, while fantasy just couldn’t happen. Wow! The Amazing Kreskin
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