Regarding the Future of Facebook:

Posted by admin On September - 4 - 2012

Three months ago I predicted Facebook would not be able to save face. It’s most productive change would come from an unknown figure taking over. The sequence of events, what with the debacle of going public, those that lost money, all this coupled with background indications that key individuals in the Facebook organization were either leaving with their own money or taking money out of the business and storing it somewhere else. Could this have been to avoid the loss that new investors might suffer…..and inevitably did? That may not have been the actual intent, but that’s not important. It’s the image and the signals resulting in a message that the head of Facebook helped create. The problem would be like a person who tells a lie….when that person comes back and assures you they will never lie again, how do you know they are not lying? So the disaster with Facebook could have the potential of repeating itself in another guise, consequently the growing disillusionment. Will it disappear? I don’t think so. As far as taking a new form, other companies are already building and expanding in directions that Facebook may have to follow instead of being the leader. It is going to reach a point that the present head of Facebook will have another figure overseeing him as the key CEO of the company. The bottom line is, Facebook is destined to change its face.

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