Regis…. Farewell to a Giant

Posted by kreskin On November - 13 - 2011
Regis…. Farewell to a Giant I am honored to have received the invitation from ABC Television to attend Regis Philbin’s final appearance on Friday, November 18th. It is a very difficult moment in my life to reflect upon. I wonder if anyone has had the length of time working with Regis that yours truly has, which I look upon with pride. I’ve done 104 shows with him, beginning way back, when opposite Johnny Carson, the Joey Bishop Show was being seen on ABC Television with a young Regis Philbin as his announcer. I’m being asked who I feel will replace Regis? I can answer it best in this way…he’s one of the very few people in show business who is remarkably the same off camera as he is on. As far as who will replace Regis…I predict… no one will, nor can anyone. There will be people put in the same time slot, and on a show with a similar title, but you cannot replace a man who over 50 years has proved to be literally one of a kind. I am so pleased that You Tube has singled out the memorable Regis Philbin Halloween Show and the frightening scenario that I created with volunteers from his audience.
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