Even Kreskin Didn’t Foresee This!

Posted by admin On December - 12 - 2017

Decades ago a Western Oil company booked Kreskin intermittently over a period of 5 ½ years in Saudi Arabia to entertain the vast number of its business representatives who lived in the country.  It was no secret that many Saudis including members of royalty quietly attended his performances.

The Amazing Kreskin did not predict this recent international communication.

Arabian Gazette / Dec 5 2017

 10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2018

In the 1970s, The Amazing Kreskin wowed audiences with his uncanny ability to see the future.  Using suggestions, he’d make predictions.  While Kreskin would stop short of calling himself a psychic - instead choosing to be considered an entertainer – his predictions often came true.

Today, we’re going to do our best Kreskin impression and attempt to predict the state of cybersecurity in 2018.  Using our experience and understanding of the market as guide.

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