Scott Javins, Murder Victim Found

Posted by admin On October - 18 - 2007
In one of the most bizarre experiences in Kreskin’s career, a breakthrough in a murder case took place this weekend, October 12th in Terre Haute, Indiana. The background is that on May 24, 2002, a young college gentleman by the name of Scott Javin disappeared soon after he had called his parents from a location not far from their home, letting them know he was coming home soon. All traces of him and his car disappeared and no clue of any kind has been uncovered in the past five years. In a desperate cry for help, a group brought Kreskin in on May 14 with the hope of raising interest in a case that had gone cold. Obviously police could not sustain all these years an investigation when no significant clues arose. In television and radio interviews as well as in a part of Kreskin’s concert, he alluded to the case and that somebody out there, hearing or seeing him, may have re-awakened within themselves, some memories that were significant. Within a day or so, after the performance, a gentleman came forward who contacted one of Kreskin’s representatives in Indiana and then the police. With a conviction he had heard in the past somewhere, remarks that he felt were now credible as to where the car was. It was almost as if Kreskin’s presence and appearance had re-awakened this memory. The police had taken this information but were not eager to move with it, since he no further evidence to back up the statements. The place that he described in a river reservoir area was never really thoroughly searched; in spite of his personal, absolute conviction. Now almost a half a year later, an elderly fisherman with some friends saw an item dropped in the water, including a motor off of some boat or what have you. He dove under water to locate that and came upon three cars. He became suspicious of one of them because he found a shirt when he reached into the car. When the police had their experts remove the car from the water, there was the body of Scott Javin, murdered. Live 10THI Television News in Terre Haute reminded the viewer that Kreskin had created national interest in the story. Needless to say, Scott’s parents have frequently expressed a bitterness that the police did not listen.
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