Sour Grapes

Posted by admin On February - 5 - 2013
I hope this will be a refreshing message. I think this might be helpful and interesting to those interested in pursuing a career or life in the public eye. Whether it be show business, lecturing, politics …etc.,  you will get from time to time sour grapes commentary;
A person whose name will soon be forgotten sent a scathing denunciation of my current book  “Conversations with Kreskin”.   Not that there was any prejudice, but, he included a denunciation of yours truly.  He give the book 1 out of 5 stars.  Overly  generous from this person.  He describes the book as “terrible book from a phony”.  Also, commenting that it is too expensive,… and “very boring with no details”.  Well, I am going to let you in on some insight.  Aside from his perfect right to judge anything, he never read the book from beginning to end.  It’s obvious because he does not even have a grasp of the English language. He misspells Kreskin as Krespin and he refers to Uri Geller and spells his first name as Yuri.  Just as he has the right to judge me, I certainly have the right to judge him. And with an educated guess I would asses him as being a classic pinhead with a single digit IQ.If a person who authoritatively even condescendingly criticizes someone by comparing him with another person, you would think he would be able to spell the names of both parties. When he describes the book as “very boring” you wonder if he is one of the many people I point out that speaks about being bored, or describes something as very boring. They are often people who are truly boring and are reflecting themselves.  This gentleman may also be in need of psychiatric or therapeutic help.  He describes me doing a Q&A on a site that admittedly gathers malcontent and sour grape people, who in order to expand on life the use four letter words and nonsensical questions.  He describes the appearance as I answering only 3 questions in an hour.  There has to be something seriously wrong either in his memory bank or his judgment of reality on life. I was not even on that web page for half an hour. In fact, from question #1 the barrage of inane, empty headed questions did not stop, so I decided to discontinue the Q&A.  Had there been a nice selection of relevant, interesting questions to answer, I would have happily completed the full hour. In fact, I would have taken extra time to answer all questions that were posted. However, this man's distortion of time of something that actually ran 15 maybe 20 minutes then remember it as an hour is a serious sign of a problem in judgment.  If ever I met this pinhead and challenged me to read his thoughts, I would probably fail because I do not think he has any thoughts to read.
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