Star Ledger’s Stephen Whitty Writes Last Column

Posted by admin On January - 31 - 2018

When I read what turned out to be the final column of movie reviewer Stephen Whitty in Sunday’s Newark Star ledger, I found myself saddened. Unabashedly I must admit that for the last 2 decades each day that I perused the Newark Star Ledger, aside from the front page headlines, my most eager anticipation was if in that particular issue there were reviews of current movies, offered by Stephen Whitty.  He has spent much of his life examining and sharing with the newspaper reader a reflection and a critical examination of motion pictures.  In my opinion, he has remained for a couple of decades one of the outstanding movie reviewers in the Western world.  Personally he is my favorite.  No, this is not because he reviewed the Great Buck Howard, which Tom Hanks produced, and in which yours truly was played brilliantly by John Malkovich, and indeed it was my privilege to meet Whitty when he came to my home to interview me regarding the movie.  Yes, that was a strong, exciting, experience in my career, but my feelings regarding his work existed far before that movie appeared on the market.  I don’t know of anyone in recent years that has covered so graphically and with great depth, movies in the manner that he has.  As a fan and connoisseur of movies throughout my life, I’ve read Stephen Whitty’s reviews because I felt he communicated the most honest and graphic portrayals of what we are going to experience.  What has made his reviews so extraordinary is that he’s giving us a larger reflection of the motion picture, looking at it as one would in reading a novel, buying a very special piece of machinery, traveling to a vacation spot or just looking at the contribution of an inventor.  What he’s really preparing us for is the impact that this experience would have on each of us.  I’ve said this in the past and I will say it again, if I were teaching in a university to would be thespians, those desiring to go into movie work, or productions, etc, I guarantee that I would see to it that the class would study over a period of time the thousands of reviews that he produced.  He has done more to teach about the art of movie making than any reviewer I’ve read in recent years.


The positive blessing in the notice that Stephen Whitty has just written is that he will continue to review movies, and I have news for you, I will continue with great intensity to follow his tips, his revelations and his advice.  I’ll say it again, I have never read any movie reviewer to top him.  The good news is that Stephen Whitty has promised that his work is “to be continued”.

ESPecially, The Amazing Kreskin

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