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  July 29, 2013      Review of John Romero Book – The Eisenhower Enigma


              I just read your new novel The Eisenhower Enigma and I wanted to get to my commentary as soon as possible so I could share the enthusiasm I have for your book. I really mean what I say in my commentary. Feel free to use it in any way as I am so proud of your writing this piece and wish you much success.

All my best thoughts my friend.




Yours Truly has known John Romero for some 40 years and never suspected what was in store for me when I picked up this evening a new book by him titled.. The Eisenhower Enigma. First of all the book is a novel and little did I realize that somewhere stored in the mind of one of the outstanding authorities on the gaming  industry was resting a piece of fiction that left me surprised, delighted and eager to share it with one and all. The Eisenhower Enigma is an exciting science fiction novel that reaches a highly moving climax that yes..could bring tears to your eyes. You are going to find that John Romero has set the story during a period of history when the public was being more and more aware of mysterious happenings that today we describe as UFO phenomena. You are  going to find entering  this novel real life characters that become an integral part of the story. Yes, people like Dr. J.B. Rhine who created the term “extrasensory perception,” to Walter Winchell who in the forties and fifties was one of the highest rated and most listened to radio commentators as well as having an extraordinarily successful and powerful show business newspaper column. This is a dynamic period in US history and you will find as well the influences of Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, and Secretary of State James Forrestal and on and on the figures continue all playing pivotal roles in this story.  I can’t overlook someone who would seem to be as historically real as the people I’ve mentioned, a unique character by the name of Oracle Alpha who is a psychic that plays a pivotal role in the novel.  As is historically true and is spotlighted in his novel the US Government is playing a major role in the investigation. UFO aficionados will be pleased on how accurately Romero has blended fact with fiction.

 I am going to warn you my dear reader, you may not be able to put down until you finish it in one sitting. To those in the area of movie making, let me alert you that the climax is powerful, riveting and deeply moving. Wow, this would make a powerful motion picture. 

You do not have to read my thought to know that I am deeply excited about The Eisenhower Enigma and the enthusiasm that I want to share with all of you.


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