Struck by Genius by Jason Padgett and Maureen Seaberg

Posted by admin On April - 29 - 2014

Yours Truly has read thousands of books in his life but I cannot think of any that has been more inspiring than a new book just released titled

Struck by Genius.

It is a true story of Jason Padgett. No, this is not a person that you thinkfor a stunt television show or some oddity like the old Ripley’s Believe it or Not! This is the story of a young man whose terrifyingly traumatic experience may result inevitably in extraordinary breakthroughs in understanding the human brain.


Kreskin & Jason Padgett


Maureen Seaberg

The story of Jason reads like a modern day thriller as well it could be. But there is a second story and that is how top scientific researchers dealing with the brain are studying the incredible transformation this young man went through after he was viciously mugged by a couple of creeps a few years ago.  There is an almost science fiction like overview in this story. Can you imagine when we think of reports through the years of people severely injured by accidents or otherwise, with the result of permanent paralysis in their life. And then you take a man who was violently mugged with a permanent change and alteration to the way his brain works. Are you reading this? The way his brain works. Since the alteration is so gigantic that he has been left with unique gifts, abilities that he never even remotely had when he was cavorting at night to bars and speakeasies and just having his youthful run through life without any strong accomplishments. Today, his knowledge of mathematics and physics is mind boggling, let alone the fact that he has won awards as an artist and this includes hand drawings of what he sees in patterns, geometric and otherwise about him, in front of him.   When you sit and speak to him, this very normal unpretentious young man is seeing things around him in a totally different way that would be hard for us to believe.

This book is riveting; it is an inspiration and may inevitably give hope to how that brain in its capacity can be expanded beyond what we know today. If there is any doubt in your wondering how I feel about this book – just understand that I have read it twice and that is not something I commonly do.  I will tell you one thing, it will be very difficult to put this book down once you read the first few pages.

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