...The Amazing Kreskin has some fun with his friend William Shatner after the viewing of “THE WRATH OF KHAN,” - Directors Cut.   The movie, which included a Q & A with Star Trek Icon Shatner following the film  was viewed  at NJPAC Prudential Hall on May 19th 2018

Kreskin Joins Steve Trevelise on NJ1015.com..

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The Amazing Kreskin talks with Steve Trevelise about his career and Live one man  show coming to New Jersey after his Off Broadway Triumph during the month of April 2018... Follow Link below to watch and listen. http://nj1015.com/the-amazing-kreskin-bringing-his-globetrotting-show-to-new-jersey/
World renowned Metalist The Amazing Kreskin poses with Joseph Cicio at his book release party for his new book, “FRIENDS* *Bearing Gifts” in the Club Room of the Prestigious Lowell Hotel in New York City. Photo Credit: JP Yim/gettyimages
Please follow Link below for story and videos... Credit: W. Westhoven - Daily Record https://www.dailyrecord.com/videos/news/2018/05/09/kreskins-wine-cave-challenge-u-s-politicians/593849002/  
                                         Kreskin would love to read Giuliani’s thoughts today!

Kreskin on “Life & Living” with Joanna Gagis ..

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The Amazing Kreskin joins Joanna Gagis on the set of “Life & Living”.  Please watch and support local programming. http://watch.njtvonline.org/video/3011674881/  

Kreskin’s Facebook Prediction Comes To Pass

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Kreskin’s Facebook Prediction: In 2012 with interviews that included Forbes and the New York Magazine, Kreskin issued a dark prediction for the future of the social network and its billionaire founder, Zuckerberg. The bottom line of his prediction was that “in 6 years Facebook will not exist the way it does today”. He further elaborated “I do not see Facebook’s future being in the same condition, state or with the same image or persona that it possesses today…I predict a dramatic new turn which may not have the same face or recognition as we know it now”. Bear in mind Kreskin stated this prediction in 2012 and specified that it would see its fruition in 6 years.

Tickets available @ Telecharge.com
Show runs Wednesday to Sunday April 12th to the 28th

Kreskin takes some time with John Elliot of CBS…

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