Posted by admin On January - 13 - 2015

As most of you know my 80th birthday was yesterday, 01/12/2015. We threw a wonderful party at City Crab in NYC which was one of the best experiences of my 80 years. So many family and friends came from very long distances to celebrate with me, I'm very grateful. The food was fantastic and the room was beautifully designed. We were unsure as to whether we would be able to fit this party into my hectic schedule. With one week before the big day, we decided we could make it happen. Now all we had to do was turn a 3 month preparation into 7 days, no problem!! Thank you to the greatest staff anyone could ask for, you guys pulled it off with flying colors. Here's some pix from the evening, the great Buck Wolf and this crew and the beautiful Rita Cosby. More to come....

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