The Amazing Kreskin, New Jersey Mentalist, Turning 80

Posted by admin On January - 2 - 2015

The Amazing Kreskin, New Jersey Mentalist, Turning 80

Paul Murnane reports


He said he can see his retirement coming.

“It’s going to be 10 days after I pass away,” Kreskin said.

“I’m one of these rare blessed people,” he added. “I have a tremendous passion for what I do.”

His work is an adventure, says the man who was inspired by Mandrake the Magician as a child.

But this is no magic act.

“Whatever I do gather is the way people think because my equipment is the thoughts of audiences,” he said.

The Internet never forgets, and we live in a time, says Kreskin, when our past will catch up to us.

With a touch of sadness, he says there are no more secrets.

He recently tweeted that he predicted the hacking of Sony last March.

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