The Amazing Kreskin offered … so I asked

Posted by admin On December - 28 - 2018

Ken Jackson of the Osceola News-Gazette plays Kreskin and makes his own predictions for 2019:

I get lots of press releases and interview requests in my email. Many get ignored and quickly deleted.

But one came in Tuesday that I had to glance at — and chuckle at.

“The Amazing Kreskin, the world’s most renowned mentalist, predicts what’s to come in 2019. If you are interested in looking into the future with The Amazing Kreskin, please contact …”

Oh yeah, I contacted.

Are you telling me I should pass up a chance on improving my football picks, or cashing a winning ticket on the Super Bowl winner — or the winner of any big game — for the first time in my life?

“Dear Mr. Kreskin, can Drew Brees and Pat Mahomes keep this up?”

I still haven’t heard back. I guess I should have seen that coming.

But wait, I’m not the mentalist here. I’ve never even been called one in passing.

But what a perfect person to ask some of the burning questions in local sports, such as …

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